Bullitt What will a stock '01 bullit 5 speed run? (1/4 mile)

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a nice 01 green bullit five speed with only 8k miles, what kind of times can I expect from it?
  2. I have a true Blue Bullitt and love it. I have never put it on the strip though. C'mon over to imboc.com for all things Bullitt. You'll find your answers there. Nothing against Stangnet...it's a great resource, but I think you'll get answers quicker at imboc.
  3. i ran a [email protected] i think. i have a friend who ran a 14 flat. 13s are possible in the right conditions
  4. 14.0 @100 with the stock meats slippin hard and powershifting the entire way and my big butt in the car.

    Very interested to see what happens with the 315's on it now! (see sig and homepage) The car is actually fun to drive in the Seattle rain now! Dry traction is crazy now, so 13's should be no problem.

    3.73's will be going in after I can see what difference the tires make.

  5. I ran a 13.8 at 101mph as my best time on my first trip to the track with my Bullitt. That is completely stock with the original tires at full psi (34psi) and the spare tire and jack in place. It is not uncommon to see people run 14.0 or even 13.9 under good conditions. I suppose that with powershifting (which I don't do) and newer tires one could run a stock Bullitt to a 13.7 or even a 13.6, but you would have to abuse it pretty bad to get it there. For all intensive purposes a Bullitt is capable of about 14.0 at 100mph or slightly faster under good conditions and with a pretty good driver, and even faster than that with practice.

    For reference:



    It's a fast car and with some simple mods (gears, drag radials) it's capable of mid to maybe low 13's with a good driver.
  6. anywhere from high 13's to mid 14's

    my best on the stock goodyears was a 14.3, with nittos 14.1. i have yet to run the car in good weather with the nitto's. as previously stated www.imboc.com will provide you with more info than you ever wanted to know about the bullitt mustang.

    only mod being the k/n drop in. i now have the mrt hpipe installed, sounds awesome, but have yet to get the car to the track or dynoed. good luck

  7. :scratch: "intensive purposes"? Don't you mean, For all intents and purposes...?

    Yeah....I think you do.

    Bullitts run the same as a GT. high 13's with a great driver, low 14's with an average driver, mid 14's with most drivers, and high 14's with grandma driving.
  8. in·ten·sive
    def: Of, relating to, or characterized by intensity. See Usage Note at intense.

    def: Possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to an extreme degree

    def: The matter at hand; the point at issue.

    Meaning that for for the most important aspect of the issue, which is what it will run for argument's sake, it's good for a 14.0, or a little faster. Which is exactly what you said, too. :) It's ok that you pick on my word usage, because at least you said I fall under the "great driver" category. ;)

    Seriously, though, it's a phrase I picked up from my mother (who was an English professor - no joke) and it pretty much just means that you are talking about the most important aspects of a subject. Meaning that in this case there is no point comparing what the car would run with perfectly cool air on brand new tires and a super-skinny driver on a great track, any more than it is worthwhile to talk about how slow it might run on a hot day with bald tires and a fat driver. Pretty much, the important aspect to bring out is what it would run relative to other good drivers under normal conditions. Intents and purposes makes sense, too, I guess.

  9. :lol: Nice save, but it is "intents and purposes"....And does it really matter? I know what you meant :nice:
  10. Wow. I just talked to my mom and you guys are right. All these years I was hearing it wrong and saying it wrong...
  11. Things that make you go HMMMMmmmmm............. :D
  12. Damn, that WAS a nice save.

    He had me believing he was right for a minute......