What year is the new Cobra? 06 or 07?

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  1. I guess I am really confused. I have heard both now. Does anyone know for sure? Is there anything yet from Ford that says what year it will be? I originally heard that is was going to be release in 06 but an 07 model? Not ture?
  2. Opps, miss read, I'm hearing the Cobra will be out in 06.

    They are starting production of the Cobra in June/July of 2006. It will be a 2007 Model Year. Here is some info quoted straight from Ford, from a letter sent to all SVT dealers:

    In November 2003, SVT announced that:
    There will be no 2005MY SVT products available
    The rollout of the next-generation SVT products will begin with the SVT
    F-150 Lightning in the 2006MY, followed by the SVT Mustang Cobra

    Explain to customers that:
    The next-generation SVT F-150 Lightning is tentatively planned to enter
    production in December 2005 as a 2006MY, and the next-generation SVT
    Mustang Cobra is tentatively planned for June 2006 production as a 2007MY
  4. Ford keeps changing its mind, and probably will continue to do so. :D

    Ford is offering the SN95 based Cobra for 2004 because, at that time, the S197 based Cobra was not going to be out for two years. If there wasn't a 2004 Cobra, that would mean at least three year gap between models (2003 to 2006).

    But that was a year and a half ago.

    Now the story is that the S197 based Cobra will not be out until the spring of 2006 (six months more than their first guess), and will be called an early 2007. That kind-of makes sense to me, because, the S197 Cobra can now slip another 6 months, and still be called a 2007; just "on time" and not "early". So, Ford and SVT has a bit of a cushion.
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  7. Ford doesn't START production of the cobra until June of 2006. Won;t be on lots until August or so.
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