Suspension What's Best Ride Quality Shocks & Struts For My '99 Gt?

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  1. Original owner of a '99 GT Coupe & I still have the factory shocks & struts.
    I have the Steeda Sport Lowering Springs which I installed either in 1999 or 2000.
    Car sits nice-no more 4x4 pickup truck look where you can see the shocks. Hated that look, so I got the Steeda Sport Springs to get rid of that stupid 4x4 look on a sports car.
    A) car now has 102, 500 miles on it do the springs go bad? The car still sits nice after 14 years.
    B) Like I mentioned above, I have the original shocks & struts & sadly the car has been driven on the :poo:ty streets of Brooklyn, NY for the last 6 years-luckily living in the city I take mass transit to work & only drive the 99 PONY on my weekends. The car's steering is still unbelievably tight & dead on which I can't believe since these roads are horrible compared to the Florida roads. It's amazing go out to LI or Jersey & the roads are good.
    I want to have a better ride & also not sacrifice handling BUT I DO NOT WANT A HARSHER RIDE FOR THE SAKE OF HANDLING PERFORMANCE. What's a good shock/strut combination that's better than stock & please don't want an even more stiffer ride.
    Currently running brand new since December: 295/35ZR18s Nitto05 in rear & 245/40ZR18s Nitto05 in front.
    C) What's the angled little shock in the rear?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Who has the better pricing?
    Are the Tokico's better than the Bilsteins?
    Who makes the stock units?
    I'm looking for a less stiffer ride than stock but really don't want to lose in the way of handing if possible. I have caster camber plates, upper & lower control arms & welded subframe connectors so the car handles very well BUT I'd like to improve the ride yet maintain the handling.
    Will the adjustable Tokico's do the trick? If so what are the settings & can someone describe the difference between each setting.
    Thanks again.
  3. American Muscle is always a good baseline for price and Steeda's is better on this particular part so that's probably about as cheap as your going to find them. I can't say for sure the softest setting on the Tokico's is softer than the OEM's but with the high mileage you have anything adjustable is better than whats on there. I would contact Tokico and ask directly. As far as who's is better??? I would say they're equal, both are big manufactures/parts suppliers that do lots of R&D so you can't go wrong with either. If you want like OEM performance, has the stocker replacements at a great price, so does the local ford dealer and the local part stores would have an equivalent.
  4. I've got a set of Tokico HP's (tokico Blues) on my fox and they ride and gandle great. Firmer than the stock KYB's, but still very forgiving. Priced really well. The adjustable units are nice, but most people will never utilize their adjustability, so unless you really plan on doing a lot of tuning, I'd just stick with the HP's.