35th Anniv What's it worth?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Red9935thGT, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, thought i'd ask the opinion of the 35th crowd. I might be looking to sell my 35th sometime within the next 6 months since i just bought a 2003 cobra, and was wondering what it may be worth. Pictures and mods are listed in the link in my sig, and it's got about 95,000 miles. Other than that, the car is PERFECT, not a scratch or much wear on the interior. There are thousands in mods and most are fairly new with low mileage as well. What do you think it's worth?
  2. Mods aside, you probably looking at a sub $10,000 GT(depending on area). A "Limited" is worth roughly $1000-1500 more than a standard GT. With the mods included, you have to find someone who wants those kind of things on it and willing to pay for them too.
    Even I know that my own GT with under 70,000 mile is only worth about $7500-8500. But then again I don't have plans to part with it anyway.

    Hope it goes to a good home.

  3. I bought mine last year with 9,400 miles on it in mint stock cond. for 10,000 in upstate ny, so with 95,000 on it my guess would be around 7000 -7500 .
  4. Hey guys,
    I've been looking at getting an 03 Cobra from a friend and wanted to pose the same question as RED9935thGT... What do you think it's worth.
    My car is completely stock except for a full flowmaster exhaust system, no cats. It currently has 41,5xx miles and is the triple black convertible model. Other than some scratches on the rear bumper (I have a replacement 99GT bumper to put on) and a 4in scratch from the right rear driver's side door to the rocker panel, that's it for any type of damage. The stock rims are a little corroded around the center caps, but I have a second set of chrome rims on it right now. Any thoughts?

  5. I would say in the $7500 to $9000 range.