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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Sabin Sharon, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. I've got a 06 Mustang GT with intake and 3" straights no mufflers gutted cats and H-pipe, I'm debating on a few different things to do next: SCT SF3 Tuner, Pacesetter Longtube headers, Cams, or Throttle body. Anyone have any suggestions of what the best bang for the buck is? With my upgrades now the tuner would probably be handy, and even more handy when I get the other upgrades as well. Just thought I would see what people thought.
  2. Tuner-For sure
    Suspension upgrades next
  3. Is the Eibach lowering kit good? I see them all over the place for about 6-900 dollars Was thinking about getting it after, came with springs shocks struts and bushings
  4. Need to also factor in caster/camber plates, control arms, and probably sway bar bushings into that scenario.
  5. Agreed. IMHO, I would start with rear upper and lower control arms to prevent wheel hop. All the power upgrades are useless if you can't put it to the ground.
  6. Tuner then suspension. You'll need the tuner for any power updates down the road.
  7. Tuner for sure. It will allow your current mods to really shine and still work well with future ones. What tuner are you leaning towards?
  8. Gears are best bang-for-the-buck mod, assuming you're running 3.31 or lower (numerically). Then I would do suspension, including lowering springs, matched struts/shocks, LCAs, CC plates, in order to get power to ground most efficiently, and keep car handling well in the twisters. Then start adding more power as needed.
  9. I'm with Noobz for sure.

    I'll add, though, that you should pass on the throttle body. Won't really do much for our cars without forced induction IMO.

    A good 93 tune will wake your car up considerably.
  10. Just curious why you are picking Pacesetter for your long tube choice
  11. I agree with most of the posts here. I also have an '06 GT and I've done pretty much all of these mods. The CAI & Tuner package I installed was probably the biggest bang for the buck. But I've got fully upgraded suspension on mine, along with upgraded wheels & tires, and it is an absolute blast to drive in the corners!