Engine Whats You's Opinion Supercharger Or Turbo ????

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  1. 2013 mustang gt,5.0 auto 373s,cai,tune,roush exhaust. now thinking about turbo or supercharger,car is my daily driver and always will be,i dont believe in spending 35k and letting them become eye candy in the garage. but want something dependable and no or little maintence,plan on keeping car 20 yrs,what is the most reliable supercharger or turbo,not a idiot i drive very sensible,but when i hit it i want it to move,WHAT SAY U.
  2. Wut?
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  3. I say pizza
  4. Basically it comes down to 2 choices... do you want to buy a supercharger, install in a weekend and drive away happy, or do you want to buy a turbo kit and let your car sit on jackstands for 10 years with parts scattered everywhere and your sanity questionable.
  5. OOO OOO I'll take jack stand racing for 500 Alex
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  6. Wise choice, now change your clothes your an embarrassment to everyone. Jesus Christ everytime I see you your clothes are caked in oil and dirt :fuss:
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  7. this will be installed by a professional,most likely brenspeed out of indiana,so supercharger or turbo,remeber these cars are 11 to 1 compression. and whats up with( wut},what a dumass
  8. Yeah professional shops always finish turbo cars, you'll be fine

    Another big problem with turbo cars is it's stupid easy to add more power. Most turbo car owners get greedy with the boost and suddenly BOOM you need a new engine.
  9. Hmmmm... you may be right. There's nothing dumb at all about asking the question, "Turbo or Supercharger" for the 5,362,496,324th time in a Mustang forum though.

    Juss Sayin' o_O


    Note: It's spelled, "Dumbass". :nice:
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  10. The written English language fail.
  11. If money is not an issue and you have a 2nd car and don't mind waiting some time for your turbo to be finished, installed, and tuned...then I'd say go turbo. The benefits are that a turbo is cooler to look at and own and it has more hp/tq potential. And a turbo will be more fuel efficient than a supercharger.

    A supercharger is better in terms of install (you can do it yourself in a day or two). It is cheaper to get a whole kit with install and tune than a turbo would be. It has less parts that can fail. It is easier to work on if something did fail. And it is easier to remove if you wanted to re-sell it.

    I am considering forced induction for my Camaro. Turbochargers with install and tuning are near $10,000...for a single. A blower with install and tuning is almost $4,000 cheaper. When you consider that either system can probably provide more than the stock rotating assembly can handle it becomes pretty obvious which one to get.
  12. There are more tuners familiar with superchargers as well. The number TVS based blowers out there is probably at least ten times as many as there are guys with turbos. They are a more proven system for our cars with more support from tuners.
  13. Yea and it seems like turbo guys end up with more issues...
  14. Did this research a little while back for my 95.

    Turbo advantages (these are generalizations, guys, so don't tell me how your friend's girlfriend's second cousin had something different):

    -Turbos don't have the same heat-soak issues as SCs
    -Turbos are more fuel efficient
    -Turbos make INSANE power, if set up properly, so they can grenade your stock block quicker and with more impressive effects
    -Turbos can make nice, strong power across the rpm range, if they're set up right (meaning probably not an entry level kit)

    Turbo disadvantages:
    -More complicated for the average guy to build/install/maintain
    -More things that can go wrong, that need to be trouble-shot, sorted out, etc
    -Less aftermarket support than SCs
    -All of the advantages of turbos are dependent on the "if set up right" factor, which even turbo guys will tell you is a big "if". You gotta be smart to run a turbo. I'm not smart.

    -Pretty much plug-and-play. Yeah, to get it right, you're going to need to plug and play more than just the blower unit, you've got to change injectors, fuel pumps, MAF, TB... Depending on how you're cooled, you've got some work to do there, but it's still pretty much take out an old part, bolt on a new part, then throw a mail order tune on it, and you're good to go. And if you break it, it's easier to diagnose and fix.

    My decision: SC. I want to spend a little time wrenching and a lot of time driving. I need relatively instant gratification. I was the ugly guy in HS, and turned down too many times for dates, dances, etc, to drag my self esteem through the process of getting a turbo build "right." Oh, yeah--I could pay enough to get a hot date, but that's somehow artificial and doesn't really satisfy in the long run.
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  15. My ultimate goal is to use the Hellion twin turbo set up :)

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  16. Here it is plain and simple. For a vehicle that is a daily driver SC is the way to go, easier install cleaner and more reliable, true Turbo will make more power with the same amount of fuel but turbosare very fragile, at least the ones in 99% of the kits on the market even with outrageous maintenance habits. Especially if you live in a city. My $0.02 based on experiences here on Long Island/NYC.