Wheel Hop Bad!!!!

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  1. Well just resently bot a 08 Shelby all stock. Clutch was slipping badly so i got that fixed. Then now i noticed it does matter what gear(1-4) it wheel hop badly. Its so bad im thinkin of selling it!!!! But id really like to spend the money and get it to stop...... What do i need (Upper/Lower Rear Control Arms)? Again Im NEW to the Shelby, always been a "NEW EDGE" Mustang Guy but figured why not have both... But If anyone can point me n the right direction id really appreciate it.... Thanks
  2. Yea the S197 are notorious for having axle hop. Any one of the numerous aftermarket rear upper and lower control arms available should take care of the problem. Go with adjustables if plan on lowering the car. American Muscle sells a bunch:http://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-control-arms-0510.html
    P.S. Don't get the Ford Racing LCAs you already got them they are O.E. on your car and they apparently don't work.
  3. Ok thanks man
    Yea I figured it was prob. That but the way my luck goes i thought it was going tobe something stupied expensive.....
  4. Okay, first of all, your Shelby is GORGEOUS!!!

    Second, yes, the control arms are a quick and easy cure for wheel hop, and I know they can be bought for $179 for all three arms in the Vendor's Section here on Stangnet.

    Not only that but they also improve traction in the corners. It's a win-win proposition.
  5. Hey thanks u guyz uve been alot of help !!!!!!:nice:
  6. No problem. That's what I'm here for.