When to switch to Synthetic Oil in '12 5.0?

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  1. What I find amusing about the 'synthetic' vs 'conventional' oil debates....no matter the type of car you have (performance or otherwise), they're always the same.
  2. You're so right. People have strong opinions about conventional, blends, and pure synthetics. I'm sure there are plenty of misconceptions about all of them. Depending on use and circumstances any of the options would be fine.
  3. My favorite misconception is that pure synthetic oil has nothing in common with conventional oil. Fact of the matter is that when pure synthetics are made they start out with crude oil just the same as conventional oils do. For you guys that don't believe me do some research.
  4. I believe the 'additive' for any new engine is zinc. Comp Cams sells it as an additive to use all the time
    when using their grinds. The newer oils seemed to have done away with this important ingredient as
    engineering and machining tolerances got better in these later years...

    I just did my first oil and filter change at 3600 and went with the Mobile 1 but the grease monkeys at
    my local lube shop put in 5w30 without telling me. I think the worst that will do is slightly lower my
    mileage. Car seems to love having new oil! At the 3600 mile mark, the level was right where it should
    have been on the dip stick; and, darn, It was hard to see it....it looked really clean!!

    David C
    2012 GT, 6M, Factory 3:55's, Brembo Package, BBK CAI and the loud Flowmaster axle backs
  5. Synthetic blend is about 80% conventional and 20% synthetic according to an article that I read in a consumer reports magazine. In an article on Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords magazine, Dec. 2011 issue, page 26 a reader asks if the break-in should be done with conventional oil and the answer from the editor is quote "... your '11 GT comes from the factory with synthetic-blend oil. You can change to full-synthetic oil any time you want. Ford does not require new car owners to perform an extensive break-in , and as long as you don't add friction modifier compounds or special break-in oils,there shouldn't be any issues changing to a full synthetic" end quote.
  6. I changed my oil for the first time at 1900 miles. Went with Mobil1. Next change will be with Royal Purple.
  7. +1. My next oil change will be with Royal Purple too. The WalMart supercenter I went to didn't have R. P. oil.
  8. Go out to Amazon.com. They have a pretty good deal on it.