Mid Atlantic Where are all the Delaware Mustang owners?

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  1. This is such a small state, and i see mustangs all the time.
    The only question i have is how many of those Mustang afficionados are actually members of this site?
  2. I am not in Delaware, but I'm 5 minutes from the De state line near U of D. Are there any good cruise nights in Northern DE? I used to go to the one at Kahunville but that was 7-8 Yrs ago.
  3. If there was, if like to know about them as well. I remember checking out the cars at kahunaville, but not the cruise nights. There used to be a mini car show on Maryland ave in Stanton every third Saturday, but I'm not even sure if that still happens.
  4. just joined the Delaware mustang owners club today! i'm in central Delaware, and would love to do some cruises this summer!
  5. Welcome, fellow Delawarean. I have no idea about any cruises, but i would love to join one. We should try to set something up this summer.:rock:
  6. I am in Dover. If you guys want to keep up with shows and are on Facebook, head here and "like" the page.
  7. I am right over the bridge in jersey and would also like to find a club that is reasonably close. Just picked up a red candy 2013 gt coupe today! Wow what a difference from my 06!
  8. Just added info to the FB group about the AM show in August
  9. Did anyone check out the 1st Pike Creek cruise for the year? I couldn't make it but I was curious to see what the turnout was like.
  10. Damn, how did i NOT hear about this???? I live in Pike Creek! :stick2:
  11. Ok, i DEFINITELY need to go on cruises this year. Just picked up a 2002 Grey GT Vert, already came with a Vortech SQ-V2 Intercooled blower.
  12. The Best Buy Dover show is Sunday. Expecting a great turn out. Evnt is free but donations to Operation Homefront Delaware are encouraged
  13. Ill see you there. The best buy on rt 13, right?
  14. sweet. Ill be there. I noticed that the same day Tri State mall in Clamont has a Sound of Tri-State Car Show. But if its anything like the one they recently hosted in OC, MD, i want no part of it.

    I'm sorry, a brand new car with the luxury package from factory DOES NOT classify as a show car in my book.....
  15. We'll be looking to avoid that scenario on Sunday. You're not the first to say they didn't like the SOTS show.
  16. See, thats the thing... I've attended the last 4 shows in OCMD, and this is the first year i was actually disappointed. I think they just spent too much money getting Fat Joe to perform.
  17. Since I'm a glutton for pain, ill probably attend next year as well.

    But that will be the last time i attend if it is as bad as this year.