where can I take my catalytic converters?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I just got done doing an exhaust makeover and I was curious if anyone knows of a junkyard here in central ohio that buys Cats? I have called like 6 different shops and they are all saying no we dont do that and 3 even hung up after i said that... now i know shops get in mad trouble if they remove them... but i thought junk yards eat up chances to buy cats?

    a little help please on what I should do to make a little money off it and get it outta the garage.
  2. The Meth heads ruined it for everybody no one buys them from individuals off the street anymore.
  3. Well, best bet then is probably ebay, craigslist or on Stangnet classifieds. Maybe someone is getting their 'stang back to stock in order to sell it? I got my stock exhaust from the x pipe back after I installed a magnaflow system. Don't want to throw it out, because sure as hell as soon as you do someone will want/need it. Sucks I know.
  4. i took mine to a junk yard, barely got chit for em.
  5. Best bet is to call a scrap metal yard. They will take a photocopy of your drivers license and then make you an offer. They usually only get suspicious if you bring up alot of them. My company takes scrap wire to them all the time. I'm sure there's one in Ohio.
  6. the only one's that are worth money are the one's with platinum in them...
  7. i saw a sign near a junkyard that said "i buy catalytic converters" the next day i met him and got $50ea... :D
    have you called any metal recyclers?
  8. yeah ive called a total of 11 places... and they all said the same thing... even called a place google showed as junkyard lol it was a bar... lady was like i wont buy ur cat's but i'll buy u a shot lolol
  9. I am in the same boat. Everytime I junk a mid pipe, I cut the cats off. As a result, I have a few to ditch....but don't know where
  10. hey guys my name of course is jeff and i buy catalytic converters call me/text/pm me for prices pics help!!!
    251 222 1940
  11. Call a recycler.

    I got 75$ for the stock y pipe w/cats off a 96 6 cylinder Mustang I have that I parted out.
  12. maybe they thought you were a creeper trying to sell LIVE cats :D
  13. :spam:
  14. Most people who try to make money off them troll CL. Post em up.
  15. took mine to a scrap yard

    I think i got like 36 bucks for the cats and the old exhaust tips, The only converters that really bring money is the ones off of diesels.
  16. Diesel cats ain't worth a chit. Japanese cats worth the most. Diesel cats don't use precious metal they use a urea solution called ad blue.
  17. I send all my cats to these guys. They even pay the shipping.


    There are a few other places out there too that do the same thing.

    I got $90 for the last Honda Civic cat I sent them
  18. I got $250 for the ones off my 96. But the scrap yard said they were on the way to giving up on them due to all the theft. Since I was a "clean cut" guy they gave me what they were worth to them.