Where Do You Put Your Loose Change?

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  1. The cup holder is just not cutting it for me anymore...
    • Too much change is piling up. Makes the cup holders more shallow and uneven which means they don't hold cups as well.
    • I can barely fit my hand in there to get the change out of the bottom of the cup holders.
    • Rattling change. Enough said.
    Anyone have a clever method of keeping their change readily available?
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  2. I live in NY, I don't have any loose change... gub'ment takes all ma money
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  3. Since you find that there is nowhere to store your change, I will gladly send you a self addressed stamped box for you to fill with your change. Once you top the box off you simply drop it in the mail and the change arrives a few days later at my door. You no longer worry about rattling or excess change. Problem solved!

    You are welcome in advance!
  4. Yeah, I have no need for change in my car, it stays in my pocket. Change is clutter, and I prefer a non cluttered car, lol.