Where to get info on 4.6

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  1. Where can i find a site that tests different performance upgrades for the cobra 4.6? I heard that theres a aftermarket intake manifold that is suppost to bump up the HP big time aroun 3krpm? Anyone have any advice on what to mod... No superchargers way to much bank, Also is it worth it to put on some aftermarket headers on the think seeing that they are like 700+ dollars
  2. Which type of 4.6 are you talking about. DOHC or SOHC. Parts don't intermix.
  3. 32 valve DOHC aluminum block and head V8... Im a noob to the car but not too new I think :shrug: :nice:
  4. For info on cobras go to svtperformance.com as for the intake, dont worry about it, spend the money on gears and the headers arent that expensive less than $500 actually. :nice:
  5. So far from what I've read headers are not worth the money. At least until you get more mods. My understanding is the stock exhaust was designed very well. I don't know if there is a site that has precise tests on what parts give you what.

    The motorsport shorty headers produce a gain of 5 HP on the 2V and 8 HP on the 4V application. Manufactured from 409 stainless.
    M9430-E464 96-01 Ford Mustang Cobra $350
    Though I imagine installation will be a real pain in the butt if you do decide to do it.