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  1. Does anybody know where I can get what Fortuna had to offer. Chromed coin tray, dash inserts etc. My resto is coming to an end and will need this stuff soon.
  2. I don't believe Fortuna is selling parts anymore. As I understand it, a member over at MustangII.net was able to convince him to make one last run of dash inserts (last year I believe) and then that was it.

    I am working the inserts and am waiting on a quote from the manufacturer. Here are the sample parts:


    I need to get my coin tray rechromed as well and was tipped off about this place: http://www.mrgusa.com/pdfs/RechromeFord37-39.pdf There are II parts on the second page.

    I have not used them yet, so I don't know how good they are but the pics look good.
  3. Grrrrrr I just found out my entire center council and visors bracket and all is missing. My interior guy is supposed to have this car in 2 weeks lol.
  4. so if i am reading the pdf right.
    we send our parts out as a core.
    receive "new" parts that would come back completely chromed.
    then we would need to apply the inserts and paint the other portions of the parts to match the interior of your car?
  5. I think so... The only thing that may be different would be if they didn't have your part in stock, in that case, I would think you'd get your original part back.
  6. Well I need some inserts like asap muddflap! So whenever the soonest I can get you the info I need for you to get me a set of inserts the better. Whether they be aluminum look or chroomed or some kinda carbon fiiber look let me know what you can do. Carbon Fiber would prob be top choice for me if an option.