Which Blower Pulley Setup?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by kreymis, May 3, 2013.

  1. Just got my first terminator the other day. It's bone stock. I just ordered high flow catted xpipe and flowmaster catback, JLT CAI. I want to do the pulley swap at same time and have it tuned. I'm not looking to overwork the stock blower but would like to see around 465rwh. Is that too much for the stock eaton? If not what setup should I be looking into? Billet flow pulleys seem to be my fav so far.
  2. I hit exactly 465 rwhp with mine, with a magnaflow catted x pipe, borla cat back, JLT high boost, 3.0" pulley, and a tune. Bought a 2.8" pulley, but the previous owner screwed up the threads, so I couldn't install it. A lot of terminator owners install 2.76 and 2.93" pullies, and end up in the 450-470 rwhp range. Installing a larger heat exchanger can help reduce the heat from smaller pullies.
  3. I ended up with the Reichard 2.75 upper and billet flow idler with sct tuner. Hope to get installed soon and off too the dyno
  4. Installed today and I must say "WOW" what a big difference!
  5. So how much hp did you hit?
  6. Don't know yet. I just used the handheld tuner. A trip to the dyno soon. I might get the accufab single blade TB an plenum before I go.
  7. If you read up on the single blade TB's, they do make more power, but idle issues (mainly high idle, or a hanging idle) are fairly common with them. Good Luck!
  8. Be careful with that canned tune. I wouldnt stay "in it" too much. Get a good street or dyno tune. I am gonna guess 460rwhp. Good luck!
  9. Also, it is very important to make sure your not maxing out your MAF and fuel pump duty cycle (fpdc). I would definitely have it custom tuned for sure. A lot of people ignore this!

    I maxed my MAF and fpdc with a BF 2.76 upper, o/r x-pipe, catback exhaust, and intake. I had to get a kb bap and MAF extender.