Which is the most aggresive sounding exhaust

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  1. I have looked and listened to at least 10 different dual setups. I would like to know which is the best. I know that this is a tough question to answer. I also like true duals not a y to y but if those sound the best thats ok.
    These are the ones that I have looked into
    Pypes Dual Conversion
    Magnaflow y to y
    JBA evol
    JBA True duals
    Ford Racing
  2. the Ford racing GTA's sound best to me on the sixer. But then you may like something totally different. Best thing to do is go to a Mustang show and shine and listen. I have a single Pypes Violator on the V6 now, it's loud, and drones like mad. As soon as I switch the H-pipe out on the GT to a X-pipe I'm going to put the H-pipe system on the six with GTA's. Great sound, deep and throaty. The sixer will never sound like a V8, no matter which muffler set up you buy. The manual GT mufflers also sound very good, if a little quieter.
  3. This might help MustangExhaust.com - Blog Good luck. Personally, I have dual pipes, no X or H, just one pipe on each side with Boomtube axlebacks, Aggressive but not obnoxious.
  4. You can go with the 16411 from Magnaflow which is an x-pipe then you can use 15881 dual exhaust so it won't be a y to y.

    You also need to have bumper cut outs.
  5. There's another option that is worth considering. Pypes makes a true dual muffler delete system. It is designed to utilized factory GT take off mufflers. It's not real loud but I think it sounds most like a V8.

    New Take-Off - Mustang

  6. I've looked at that system quite a few times. I wish it was sold without having to buy the GT mufflers. I have 2 sets of them now.
  7. If you want it without the mufflers, it's Pypes #SFM65 available from several different dealers. However I noticed the price is still $299. I guess there isn't much value placed on the GT take off's! :( At least the shipping would be cheaper.

  8. If someone was smart they'd offer a dual comversion for the V6 consisting of 1 X or H pipe that a guy could install, and 1 mid/over the axle pipe for the drivers side. It would be cheap to ship, sell it for $199 and you could sell a zillion of them. How many people buy a V6 because they're a bit cheaper want to spend big bucks on a true dual conversion ? Lots of people who would do their own conversion if manufacturers make it easy and affordable are just going to a local muffler shop instead.

    To me, paying $299 for the same kit without mufflers as with isn't the best marketing idea ever.
  9. The only difference with the kit I mention and your idea is the one extra midpipe. We'd have to make a special 2.25" pipe to match the other side and put the flat spot in to match for proper flow through both pipes. That would end up costing more than what Pypes offers now. Also, don't forget that I put up a link to a dealer that includes the mufflers for the $299 price.

  10. I appreciate the link, I also appreciate the input. The one thing I don't need is a third set of GT take offs, haha. I know everyone has got warehouses full of them, but so do I so I'll wait til someone comes out with a kit that has what I want, instead of what they want to sell me. I'd even go for a kit without the GT take offs, but not at the same price, that just feels wrong to me somehow. But, like I said I appreciate your input and help. We have a Pypes axleback on the car now that I bought from Brenspeed, so I am a fan of Pypes stuff.
  11. I understand what you are saying about the price being the same without the mufflers. However, it's not that we overcharge for the kit without the mufflers, it's the dealers that are placing a zero value on the take off's and including them for free since they are loaded with them. Did you know that the kit includes the 2 4" stainless tips you can slide over the take-offs? That kit is really a bargain compared to any other v6 dual conversion on the market. Either way, thank you for your support of Pypes. It is appreciated.
  12. I know it's not you, (this sounds like we're heading into a Costanza moment). I understand dealers and packaging and mark ups. I got no problem with them trying to stay in business, and I support them. Brenspeed, American Muscle, Blow by Racing, RPI, all of them are good companies. It just seems that with 70% of all Mustangs sold being V6's, someone should cater to them a little more.

    Typically a new guy or gal comes on here and asks the same question. What will make my V6 Mustang sound better and add hp? After you wade through the typical 'buy a V8 or supercharge it' they're left with very few options. A single axle back muffler, or a $400 (with shipping) system with used GT (quiet) mufflers. Brenspeed has a nice Pypes X-pipe for the GT that you can make work on a V6 for right around $100-$120. Then what ? Go to a local shop and have them make a non-mandrel bent over the axle pipe and then sell the guy a couple mufflers. Or he has bought a couple mufflers somewhere that the shop installs that may fit and may not. People like to do some work on their cars. Buying stuff from Pypes and other companies is easy because it fits. alot of people have similar stuff and it's a fairly easy install. Who knows what the local muffler shop will charge for their work. $200 ? $500 ? Sounds like some custom work, sounds expensive. I think most people just do nothing.

    But sell the guy an X or H pipe that will slip onto his V6 pipes coming off his cats, and a couple over the axle pipes for a good price and now he can afford to buy a couple mufflers that he likes instead of having to take a couple GT take offs that will sit in his garage. OK, rant over :nice:
  13. i went with the pypes true duel exhaust with the x-pipe. then i add exhaust dumps right after the cat and deleted the mufflers. it's pretty loud, infact some say too loud.