Engine Which Kenne-bell??

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  1. I am hoping to make 500 rwhp with my newly acquired 02 GT. I am planning on using a Kenne Bell system . I will upgrade my fuel pump,injectors,ignition and exhaust system. What Supercharger would you recommend and any other mods. I am looking to do this with stock internals. The engine currently has 66k miles on it. The car is stock except for Flowmaster mufflers. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. You won't make 500hp on stock bottom end if you do expect to it to last long. 450 is about maxed out. They're stand 2.1L kit will get you there if you're set on a kenne bell
  3. agreed. if you make 500 rwhp with a kenne bell, your going to put a window in the side of your block...
    with that being said, i would suggest that you get the 2.6l tuner kit... my reason for that is because if you decide later to upgrade your short block with a forged rotating assembly, the 2.1 will be your limiting factor for horsepower.
    i went with the 2.1 for practical reasons, mainly i didnt think i would ever spend the time or money to go with a forged bottom end. well, i have been stewing on doing that for quite some time now, and i will not pony up the money to buy a new blower if i do... so that limits the amount of boost i can run with out sending the iat's through the roof, therefore limiting the amount of rwhp i can make.
  4. Yea I just bought a teksid block ordering pistons next week getting ready to build a nice whipple powered 4.6
  5. I am not set on a Kenne Bell. It just looked like people were having pretty good luck with them on the 4.6.
  6. There's a million choices when it comes to boosting mod motors. But no matter what route you go you're maxed at 450rwhp until you go with forged internals
  7. What would you recommend as far as mods until I could afford to build a stronger bottom end? What would be the easiest way to achieve 400-425 rwhp?
  8. Any supercharger system will get you to 400hp for a "reasonable" amount of money. Just keep it under 12lbs of boost and you should be fine. Even with full bolt ons I don't think you'd get too 400hp. And you'd spend as much or more on heads long tubes cams and all the other goodies and finding a supercharger kit
  9. So I could do 400hp with just a supercharger and no other bolt ons?
  10. Yep you'd obviously need to upgrade injectors and maf and at least install a boost a pump for fuel demand but yea you can hit 400 to the tires no problem
  11. I ran a powerdyne on my last mustang 5.0. Would you recommend them or would you use a different company.
  12. I have a tork tech kit with an eaton m112 I'm honestly not too familiar with centrifugal units. I've stuck with p.d.'s because they create power sooner and make more torque
  13. I am not familiar with tork tech. I will try to do some research on them. I am going to put my bike up to trade for a kit and see how that works out.
  14. I like their set up because it is extremely versatile. It's a "tuner" system you can put any blower on that will bolt to a terminator. Only downside is their kit is $2200 and then you can either get an m112 takeoff from a termi for like $500 (get you a tad over 400hp at around 9-10lbs) or go bigger but you're gonna pay for the blower.
  15. That sounds like something that I would be interested in. It would kinda give you a factory look as well. Hopefully I can get my bike sold or traded quickly. Are the Saleen superchargers any bettor than the terminator superchargers?
  16. Yea they are a pretty clean look. I think the Saleens run a whipple I'm not 100% sure. I put down 410hp at 9lbs boost intercooled

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  17. I agree your stock motor won't hold if your wanting to boost it to make that kind of power. I ran the 2.1 on a stock long block and believe me it will explode into a million pieces if you decide to crank it up to 13psi lol. Personally i love the kenne bell, me and my buddies run them and the instant boost is a lot of fun. The 2.1 works good for low boost but it becomes very restrictive when you crank it up. I just built a new engine and I am trying to get rid of my 2.1 so I can get a 2.6.
  18. How much do you want for your 2.1?
  19. O I'm not sure. I would only sell the blower itself, maybe injectors and throttle body also
  20. I don't mind piecing a setup tpgether. Let me know what you want for the blower,injectors and throttle body.