Which mods to but on stock V6 to get better MPG

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  1. Hi guys,
    I saw the other thread posted today about upgrades for performance and thought about posting in it but thought it might be better having a seperate one as I am looking for a different result.

    I have just purchased a 2007 Conv Pony Package V6 with 5-speed manual tranny and have about 2000 miles on it. It is still stock, I have done nothing to it. I have noticed my short trip to work of 4 miles one way yields me about 12 mpg. Ouch!!! When I go across town on the freeway I get 14 -17 mpg depending on how hard I put my foot into it. On a road trip drive at 75-80 mph I actually got 28 mpg. Needless to say I would like better mpg's when driving to work.

    I am happy with the exhaust note, performance, and handling at this time as I was previously driving a Volvo wagon and know no better. :D I'm not looking to drag race anyone down to the next traffic light but if performance is gained in the persuit of better in town mpg all the better. My goal is to keep this car for 4 years and then turn it over to my daughter so I am not looking to make a pavement burner that she will get into trouble with. So if performance mods that are put on can be reset to make a mild performance car in the future that would be great. I just want better fuel economy in town.

    I have been told a CAI and tunning is what is needed but to me that looks like more of a performace mod. Looking at the BamaChips site I see a couple of "kits" for V6's. What is the difference in them?

    Where would I start on making mpg mods?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. you have something wrong, I have never gotten less than 18 and that is in traffic in town, on open road i average 27 and on a trip mainly interstate i get 34. I would have the dealer check it out before i changed anything
  3. Actually, a CAI, 87 oct tune and some taller rear tires (28 inch) should get you over 25mpg. Some tuners have a mpg tune, I think VMP does.
  4. Driving in Jersey/city i get 16-17 mpg and when i drove to VA Beach I got 27.5 mpg highway so i would say anything less than 16 something is wrong because I have never gotten less than that no matter how hard I try
  5. I feel like I got the same problem as Jim...wtf :(
  6. One thing that we're all fighting with the S197 is weight / Ford made these cars heavy :bs:

    and a convertible is even more so ...
  7. Considering that his commute to work is only 4 miles each way I'm thinking that his gas mileage doesn't sound that far off. 4 miles each doesn't exactly give the car much time to warm up and operate with any degree of efficiency.
  8. I was lucky to get 14 with a V6 in town. With a V8 I am getting about 13.
    On the road, I got about 28 in the V6 and am getting 23 to 24 with the V8.
    If you really want bad mileage, get a Ranger with a V6. I have had one and that thing really sucked gas.
  9. Just a thought... porting the heads and a good gasketmatch will yeild MORE mileage and better power... yeah, I know new car.. and you AINT pulling the heads..lol!! Just a futur thought..

    Just me................................

  10. Well I keep watching how I drive the car as a clue to all of this. The last tank of Costco 91 OCT gas I got 15 mpg in mixed driving. About 2/5's of the tank was at freeway speeds of 75mph and the rest at back and forth driving to work. Got 14 mpg the first part of the tank and by the end of the tank I was getting 17.5 mpg. Overall was 15.2mpg calculated. I watched my shift points and tried to keep the shift at about 3000 rpm.

    In Phoenix, we only have 87, 89, 91 OCT available to us. I see some of the post talking about 93 OCT. I really never thought any of the OCT stuff made any difference. I am going to try the next two tanks at 87 OCT.
  11. You really shouldn't run any octane higher than 87 without a tune, the car is tuned stock to run most efficient at 87
  12. Replace the stock muffler.

    Lower restriction = better performance = better mileage = better sound

    When I went duals my mileage was boosted +2 MPG.

    And I do NOT drive sedately...