Which Mustang Magazine to buy?

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Which Mustang Magazine is better?

  1. Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

    20 vote(s)
  2. 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords

    31 vote(s)
  1. My dad gets MM&FF. I was going to get a subscription to 5.0 a few months ago. Maybe I should do that now...
  2. 4 words: BABE OF THE MONTH (although most of the chicks in there belong on Jerry Springer rather than in a respected enthusiast's magazine :nonono:)
  3. I just put in my subscription to 5.0 and Super Fords! Now I only have to wait 6-8 weeks; I hate waiting.
  4. (I know this thread is super old and Paul's in Europe, but....)
    Maybe I should get around to scanning my dyno sheet and figuring out how the heck you host pics(cause I have plenty). I don't want people to think I don't have a 400rwhp beast that looks 100% stock on the outside(including waffle rims arrrgh), save my fake front license plate that is actually an air scoop. :D

    Anywho, I have a subscription to both for the next 10 years or so. I went nutty with the renewal cause I didn't wanna miss anything. :D
  5. Oh and also, for the record, I like 5.0 better cause of the stat sheet with every article.

    Those big old NMRA mags are pretty cool too. :nice:
  6. I like 5.0 & Super Fords mostly because i had my '85 GT pictured in it at FFW! and have subscribed since 1988! (when it was just Super Ford)

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  7. yea i wanna see this thing too!

    well, it looks like it's almost 50/50 so maybe i'll just check out the pricing situation... thanks guys
  8. HEY GUYS i just remembered, i really like seeing articles on the older mustangs too (mainly 60's cars fixed up nice esp. '69 fastback :drool: ), so maybe i'll be goin for the '5.0 and super fords' rather than the mm&ff. Am i correct in the content of the magazine- '5.0 and sf' being more older car friendly???
  9. I will try to get pics soon, but I have to borrow the digi-camera from the university, and last time I borrowed it I wasn't done with my pseudo-plate. Excuses, excuses. :D
  10. you must be in a photography lab then or something, wish my place (UCI) had that... all we have is arts core :notnice:
  11. Nah, no photo lab for me. My dad teaches aerospace engineering up at K.U.
    I get him to borrow the digital camera for me. I actually loaded some pics on the computer and some of them were pictures of a simulated aircraft wing or something, mixed in with pictures of my car. :shrug:
  12. 5.0 but looks like its 05 now :bang:
  13. Why is a subscription to MM&FFs three times as expensive as one to 5.0?
    And there's never any discounts or reduced price offers.
  14. the last time i bought any of the stang mags was jan. of 05. and haven't looked at one since. i was very unhappy with the content the last couple of times i bought any of them. i get all the stang news from the stang sites on the net. i was also thinking of paying for an online subscripition to a Ford/Stang web mag. there's one that i check out but you can't get all the content without being a paid member. some very good tech articles and such, just wish their forum was bigger and better.
  15. I read that too...and if they follow through with it, I will not be renewing my subscription.
  16. yeah, i agree guys, 5.0 should change to 05, but it seems like the past 2 months, they are trying to get back to "our" cars, instead of the new 05(i hope so, it's already 2006). they must of heard it pretty bad....... 500,000 fox and SN guys vs. 3000 05 guys, which half probably can't even change their own oil. i think we win :)
  17. In Steve Turner's editoral of the latest issue, he said there was a online vote and that the results were to change it to 05 Mustang and Super Ford.

    I dunno if this is some kid of sick joke or what :shrug:
  18. I subscribe to 5.0 and Mustang Enthusiast, but not MM&FF because it costs twice as much as the other two.
  19. Old thread from the dead :D

    The mags focus on mod stuff which I can understand.

    On the other hand ..................

    If my interest was about mod stuff, I would not be hanging in this forum
    I would have a Stang that is a bit newer than 1995.

    I've always had more interest in tech than other stuff they put in the mags.

    Having said that .............................

    In the past and now, I learn more on these forums than in those mags.

    Another thing I don't like about the mags is how some of the time, they fix things so one product they test will have unrealistic gains :notnice:

    Its like we are too stupid to see they are stacking the deck :nono:

    Anyway .......................

    When my current subscriptions run out, I may not renew them :shrug:

    I guess I don't have a favorite and I dislike them all the same :D

  20. Can you give us some examples?

    I'm not doubting what you say, I've just never noticed it in the 2-3 years I've been an on and off subscriber to 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford. Either that, or I've never looked deep enough into the numbers.