Which Mustang Should I Buy?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by joe sandoval, May 15, 2013.

  1. True ill probably do it myself then if its all not that hard, if not ill look around for decent prices, thanks for all the help! ill stick to buying the 92 stang hopefully i'm not making a mistake.
  2. did the 92 ever have a blower on it? seems like with the cage, alum rad, elec, fan, and ignition...maybe it had a blower?
    I'd go for the 92 but if you can get under it and check the torque boxes see if they are all mangled from launching the car. good luck!
  3. The '92 will also have more fender well clearance for bigger wheels/tires and the shock tower location is better for installing a disc brake booster - Not a big deal, but something to consider.

    The '88 has a tilt column and no airbag. Also, the rear seat belts don't have shoulder straps.