Which passenger/performance tires to buy???

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  1. zup every1.

    I am getting new tires for my pony but I would like to know what you guys recommend. I have the stock aluminum rims w/ P205/65/R15 92T GENERA AMERI*G4S tires.

    I am looking to replace them for goodyear tires. When I do a search for a 2000 stang coupe on the goodyear site it shows the following performance tires Then they also provide additional options for P225/55R16 94 H size tires.

    For those of you who use (or dont use) firestone what do you recommend? I am not looking into any fancy low profile tires. Just something with good grip, traction, and smoot ride....which usually = $$$ :p

    Thkz for the input. :nice:
  2. Recomendations
    Goodyear Eagle GT-HR, Goodyear Eagle TR
    Michellin Pilot XGTH
    Sumitomo Srixon4
    Yokohama AVS DB2, Avid H4
    Bridgestone Potenza Re9XX, HP50

    The Sumitomo's are available from Sears Auto Center
  3. thkz for the options viper...will look into those.
  4. go to www.tirerack.com and look for some kuhmo ecsta 711's ....get 245/55R16, they're the best tires i've ever had. they're also the cheapest ($53/tire). The wider tire gives you better traction and handling and you'll enjoy that :). No, they are not stock sizes, and if you bought them from most places they wont put them on since they're not ford specificed size. Trust me, they went on my 01, and my 02. They'll also save you quite a bit in the bank. -Chris
  5. i have the stock 15 inch wheels on my car and i put some 225/60/15's on there with no rubbing at all. i put Dunlop Sp5000 on there. i absoloutly love them. i recomend them to everybody, now my sister and my girlfriend have them and they both love them too.
  6. falkins ... bad ass tires .....