Which rims for my white mustang?

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  1. Chrome Deep Dish Bullitt Wheels (18x10)

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  2. Chrome Saleen (18x10)

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  1. I vote for the white saleen wheels.

  2. lol, I don't want white rims, get dirty too easily, I want some bling. :D
  3. If you have narrowed it down to those two, I'd have to go with the Saleen's
  4. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    I also vote white saleen rims!
    bling is nice
    but on white, it's different.
  5. Draglites :D

  6. I vote for the saleens, a guy over on svtperformance.com (pottsy is his member name) has them on his 96 cobra....one of my favorite wheel styles for sure...here's a pic of his car.

  7. Any1? :(

    Also, a pic of a white mustang with the big dish chrome bullits would be nice also. :nice:
  8. I'll try and find some
  9. Dan you are my hero. :flag:
  10. [​IMG]

    still workin on the chrome bullitts
  11. as far as tire sizes go, i went with 265/35's on the front 295/35's on the back. they fit the wheels and the car very well. the only problem is you are pretty limited as far as tire brands that make both sizes(assuming you want matching tires). I was able to find 3 or 4 different options between 750 and 900 for the set.

    oh by the way i vote bullits
  12. I personally don't like the deep dish Bullitts since the back and front aren't the same. It's just my opinion though.

    The Chrome Saleens would like great, as would regular chrome Bullitts. I plan on running 17x9 all around Chrome Cobra R's on my white GT.
  13. I couldn't find a white stang w/ chrome bullitts, so I just photoshopped 94yellowsleeper's stang to white...

  14. how the @#$% do you do that? that is so cool
  15. took about 10-15 minutes....i just had to select anything I wanted to change to white, then you can desaturate the selection (remove color), but leave just a tiny bit, and change the hue to a blueish color (cuz white stangs usually have a bit of a blue hue in pics), then turn up the brightness and contrast until it is bright white. It's also easier with a yellow car, because the depth of shine between yellow and white are similar. If you tried to change a black or dark green stang to white, it would be harder to do, and wouldn't look believable.

    All in all, after about 5 years of messin around with photoshop for different classes in school, you learn some tricks :nice:
  16. Awesome, thanks a million Rio. :nice:
  17. no prob man