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  1. Same here :nice: .
  2. Shifter

    Pro 5.0 shifter with TriAx handle
  3. agreed! :nice:
  4. pro 5.0 youll love it!!!
  5. I just valet parked a bullit earlier tonight . . . I think it had a factory shifter, cause the guy was old and not into modding, and it felt a lot different from mine. . .

    anyone know what Im talking about?
  6. I'm looking for a new shifter too, but I just put in my springs this week.

    I think Steeda Sport Springs might give you the drop you're looking for :nice:
    (I left out the lower spring isolator in the fronts because stock it looks like the front sits a bit higher)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. Hey Spitfire, he was OLD and not into MODDING? These two things don't neccessarily go hand in hand! LOL! I am old and definitely into modding. Your statement just struck me as being funny. Damn Kids! :cheers: I be 50.
  8. what is old? :shrug: my uncle is 63 and is building a new drag car. Im 40 and still modding everything i get my hands on :nice: Hey blue70 what brand of white gauges do you have? Nice looking stang . Im going to order a MGW, seems like that is the best i have heard of on here. :cool:
  9. nhra427 Thanks
    The gauges are from MAC Performance.
    They were about the only ones that didn't put a logo somewhere on the faces :rolleyes:
  10. ive got hurst and eibach prokit .... my fox body has a b&m , no springs on it yet but probably going with FMS b or c springs on it ..... anythings better than stock ...pics of the prokit on the link in my sig ......

  11. let me clarify: by old, I mean older than me (18) and in addition to being older than me, he wasnt into souping it up at all. . . sorry for the misunderstanding.