which way does the shiny side of the header gasket go?

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  1. hey i have been fighting a header gasket leak.

    first leak it was at number5 tube, put new gasket in, sort of bent the gasket b4 it went in... 5 was fixed but 6 and 7 started leaking, changed it again today. 6 and 7 are still leaking....

    i have the shiny side of the felpro gasket towards the header, is that right??
  2. That is a good queston, but are you sure you don't have a bad flange on the header. I helped a buddy install used headers once, and they were kinda warped, we had to get a BFH and a vice and bang them around. Did you buy them new?
  3. are the MAC?
  4. no shiny side toward the motor i believe
  5. they are BBKs i bought used. They have worked for months with no leaks at all. worked great for 3 weeks with new engine and just started leaking for some reason. so unless the flange just magically bent itself i doubt thats the problem....

    it doesnt really bother me now that i know what it is, i just got to get time to fix it. at first i thought it may have been a collapsed lifter.

    i will get a good race gasket and get them in there sometime. but i have ran the shiny side towards the header as long as i have had my mustang, my friend does the same and it have worked fine until now...

    but the way i listened, i didnt have any sort of stethescope. So i took some rubber tube, held it to my ear and held it around until i heard the leak. The sound is coming from right on top of the flange. just boggles me...

    engine runs fine, not any weaker so i am sure its just an exhaust leak.
    i guess i am getting something good from this.... i am getting to be a whiz at changing the header gaskets. used to be a pain but today i did it in 20 mins or so....
  6. Could always do it the redneck way and use two gaskets =]
  7. Or RTV lol. Try getting some good header bolts. I have header studs and although I have not had a blown header gasket since I installed them, they make taking the headers on and off a pain, so some good locking header bolts would probably suit you well. I remember you saying in another thread that some of the header bolts were loose.
  8. The Earl's pressure master gaskets are the best header gasket ever! They use an aluminum frame with replaceable graphite inserts. If you break an insert taking them off, you just replace it. Seriously, I am never going back.
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  9. i figured i would get a nice quality gasket and a new set of header bolts.
    mine are starting too look sick and nasty...
  10. Get some of the copper ones, most parts stores have or can get them pretty quick.
  11. mr. gasket makes some you can pick up at advance auto
  12. the shiny side faces away from the head and towards the header....I just did a set today at work for a guy. and I had to ask my Boss (race car and engine builder) so he knows his stuff I am sure