who has cardomain?

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  1. I have to make one with my current stang, but my old stang i have one - your car looks like mine btw!
  2. In my sig also..

    Wish I had some updated picturs to post on it. But progress is moving slow and really not worth udating yet...
  3. Sig

  4. I made one like 6-7 years ago when I was in HS and driving a GM product.

    you can search for it as: MomoFire if anyone really cares that much. :rolleyes:

    (BTW, that car won "Coolest Car" award in the year book lol :nice: )
  5. 25th hows the car coming?

    btw do u still have that jeep in your cardomain? do you like it?
  6. cars coming, should have new pics Wed. Jeeps been sold, I liked it other than the problems I had with it!
  7. thats not what i wanna hear!
  8. so basically cardomain is old news?
  9. click on the sig....dont really use it too much anymore. maybe come summer ill get new pics and update it
  10. Very old.