Who to stay away from ???

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  1. Ok, after reading another thread/reply I took the bait, I am 2 days from purchasing a 66 coupe. It is in need of some restoration.
    So I am looking for which vendors to stay away from. Mail order or in and about the Colorado Springs area.

  2. stay away from big d mustangs out of california... i bought a 620 lb spring kit. was to include the perches, when it got here guess what? no perches!!! finally, after 2 emails, and a phone call, i turned it over to ebay (i should have read the guys feedback rating before sending him any money) got the perches today, but i doubt i would have if ebay hadnt gotten involved...
  3. I have had really bad luck with California Mustang.

    I have had really good luck with National Parts Depot, Virginia Mustang and Texas Mustang.
  4. CJ pony, Mustangs Unlimited,National Parts Depot, Virginia Mustang, are all very good. I have not had any bad experiences with any of these guys.
  5. Very happy with Mustangs Unlimited and CJ Pony Parts.
  6. I agree with all but CJ. Their inventory sucks and they screwed up enough orders to send me elsewhere. They were rude and refused to pay for freight back even though they sent me wrong product, defective product and such. It was like they were doing me a favor accepting their mistakes back.

    Their loss has been NPD's gain to the tune of $15K the past two years.
  7. NPD and Mustangs Unlimited are the only two Mustang parts suppliers I regularly use. NPD gives the best service even for walk-ins, but Mustangs Unlimited has a better selection.
  8. Mustangs Unlimited is my current favorite. They have some of the lowest prices and in my experience, their shipping was really quick.

  9. mustangs unlimited has my vote also... i am going to place an oversize order just before labor day, and pick up the parts (bumpers, and front valance) im birmingham at the mustang roundup
  10. Johns Mustang in houston has always been my fav. They can usually only barely speak english, but john knows EVERYTHING about mustangs.
  11. I've had a bad experience with California Mustang like mentioned above, so I guess I would stay away. Other than that, I use Mustangs Unlimited, Mustangs Plus, and NPD (they have everything!).
  12. Personally, I purchased almost everything for my restoration from CJ Ponyparts and Paddock Parts. Both companies were great on the whole (I've made dozens and dozens of orders over past 3 years) but Paddock can be a little expensive. Eh, what can I say I love their full color catalogs! Couldn't stand trying to find what I needed in competitors crappy books.
  13. some of my favorite places are

    virginia classic mustang
    mustangs plus
    summit racing(ok not a dedicated mustang place, but very good with customer service)
    mustangs unlimited
    it has been a while, but larry's tbird and mustang was always good to do business with as well