whose cobra is this?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Saleen4971, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. LOL... well it appears to be from the picture. Not making any assumptions about what I can't see in the picture :)
  2. Trust me, it has get-up-and-go... there is a whole wack of stickers you can't see. That thing is a rocket!

  3. You're right... kind of hard to see that KB lurkin' under the hood...

  4. sonic blue :drool:
  5. You mean it's not stock?? :p
    I thought they all came with that black supercharger thingie? Oh well...I'm just a girl, what do I know. :shrug:


  6. :worship: Kenne Bell nice. I see two lines running into the charger, what might they before, because I don't think that comes with the charger.
  7. Those lines are for the Horsepower by Heramn oil return kit. The KB has a tendency to spew oil out the snout under boost. The oil kit prevents that and returns all the oil to the blower where it belongs.
  8. RaceRat, I’m thinking of getting the KB and was wondering aside from the blower what ells did you have to do ie the rear end or type of gas needed, how long did it take to tune the chip and so forth.

    I have heard many different things and would like to know from the source. Thanks!
  9. How much power are you looking for?
    I have 55lb injectors, hardened halfshafts from The Driveshaft Shop and a Spec II clutch.
    600rwhp maxed my fuel pumps and melted pistons.
    Next mods are: Focus fuel pumps, balanced/blueprinted shortblock with CP 17cc pistons, valve job on both heads and a few other little items.

    If you do the KB, find a shop and a tuner and have the car tuned on a dyno!
  10. You melted the pistons? What’s with all this, “our motors are good for 1000hp" stuff I hear occasionally from other people? :shrug:

    600hp is the most you can go on pump gas (from what I was told)? I would still drive it for commuting.

    What I was looking for are the hidden costs nobody talks about, and new pistons would fall into that category. Thanks for your input! :nice:
  11. The stock pistons don't seem to be handling the heat this motor generates at higher horsepower levels. I am not the only one who has seen this first hand. :nonono:
    As for the 1000hp...well maybe the crank and the block will handle it.
    Our stock fuel pumps are maxed at around 550rwhp because they're running at 100% capacity.
    Another MUST with the KB is an oilspray kit of some kind. The KB has a tendency to spew oil out the snout especially after 15psi. I have one from Horsepower by Herman and it works flawlessly.

    There are tuner cars out there running crazy numbers. Don't be fooled though. A tuner isn't going to tell you when something fails, only when it works. Broken parts are bad for sales.
  12. Melted pistons. DAMN I wish I had your bank account, you must be putting huge money into the car. Good luck with it, I'm still dreaming :sleep: of forged internals.
  13. No you don't. :p

    Actually, no I'm not.
  14. Truer words were never spoken. Not often, anyway.