why wont this car start???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by ridethe93GT, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. ok heres whats in the car

    98 GT Auto mustang chassis
    w/ 96 cobra motor 5 spd

    it has been flashed to clear out all the pats stuff and was drove home from the muffler shop....parked for 4-5 days and then went out to move it and all it does is turn over and over....you can smell the gas as it gets flooded....it is gettin fire to the plugs and backfires every once and awhile but will never start up.......so any help figuaring out what went wrong sittin in the yard would be a great help..
  2. Hmm...if it's getting fuel and spark, it should start up especially if it ran ok when you parked it. Maybe it's just flooded and needs to dry out. Are all the air intake passages clear? Could it be possible that the computer has the wrong timing set for the engine? That could cause the backfiring. Other than that, I'm kinda stumped. You could try disconnecting the battery for an hour or so to reset the computer and try it again, then crank it with the pedal floored to help the flood clear out. Any other suggestions, anyone? Good luck on it!
  3. thanks..ill try the battery thing