Why Yes, It Is A Nascar-powered Ford Mustang

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  1. Ever wonder what it would be like to modify a Ford Mustang to have more power for miles of smiles? Hah, pure rhetoric, right? What Mustang fanatic hasn’t gotten bitten by the modification bug and not been able to leave well enough alone? These are of but a few, that’s for sure.

    One of those bitten (and seriously infected) by the bug is Marc Sorger, the general manager at The Mustang Shop, a facility dedicated to Mustang restorations and tuning. Marc, like so many before (and after) wanted more, so he took his 2008 Mustang GT and gave it some upgrades to bolster the output to 724hp on the pavement. So, was that enough? Nope, it never is.

    The short story of this one is Marc took a NASCAR engine from Mark Martin’s Pfizer race car and slapped it into his 2008 Mustang GT. The rest, as they say, is history…and the video here and the other moving pictures at Motor Authority will get you the “rest of the story”.

    Source: Motor Authority

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