Will A Kenne Bell 1.5l Supercharger Be Too Small For My Build??

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  1. I have been really really really wanting to put a supercharger on my 92 stang. I'm sold on the Kenne Bell supercharger and love the idea of instant boost! Yes, I've heard about their heat problems (is it really that bad?) but if anyone can chime in on that too that would be great. I found a pretty good deal on a 1.5l Kenne Bell and i also realize that it doesn't have the bypass valve on it. My car is for the street and was hoping for 8-10 lbs of boost to get me to the hp level of 400-450hp. Question is, will the 1.5l be too small or should I just keep saving up for the 2.1 Blowzilla? My mods are as follows:

    306 freshened bottom end 9:1 compression
    trick flow 170cc ported heads
    trick flow stage 1 cam
    tmoss ported cobra intake
    1.6 roller rockers
    70mm accufab throttle body
    bbk fenderwell cold air intake
    24# injectors with matching 75mm pro flow mass air meter
    (i know i would need 42" injectors and a 90mm lightning meter with kenne bell)
    1 5/8" longtubes to full 2 1/2" exhaust
    3.55 gears

    I appreciate any and all help.
  2. I have known 3 guys to run KB blowers on their Foxes, all 3 sold them and bought S trims.

    Just take that for what its worth.
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  3. :rlaugh:.....Damn!!!
  4. The 1.5L was really under powered for the stock 302.
  5. With a by-pass valve the 1.5L can make some good street HP. I would also add water/meth injection to further help keep the air charge temp in check. 8-10 psi is about tops for a healthy 5.0 Fox. If yo want to make some more reliable steam then the 2.1L is the way to go. My Saleen had a 1.5L on it for over 7 years with no problems at all............ever! Sold it for $1000.00 when I went to upgrade to the 2.1. Now that I have the liquid cooled 2.8L the 2.1L is for sale (hint-hint)
  6. That sounds like a piece it together nightmare. LOL

    I imagine that you reused all the manifolds and tubing for the 2.8LC. Not sure just the compressor housing would help him much.
  7. how much for the 2.1 bullitt347?
  8. Actually only re-used the outlet when I went to the 2.1L. I upgraded to the Flowzilla inlet with a by-pass valve with the use of the 2.1L. With the 2.8L the whole inlet outlet is a very custom piece still in production because of the air/water intercooler and drag race only application.
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  10. How is that 2.8 running for you? Is the additional case cooling providing anything in the way of blower outlet temp reduction?
  11. can i have a pm too??? how much
  12. Project not done yet, hope to be on the dyno in the next 8 weeks or so. The way Kenne Bell wants you to run the cooler lines is from the engine cooling system. I am installing a separate small radiator, (much like what is used on the Terminator Cobras for the intercooler core) and pump just for the cooling of the supercharger. This way the supercharger does not see engine coolant at temp running through the front of the case. I hope this will help the supercharger run at a much cooler temp and not heat up the discharge air so much, which in turn should allow for cooler outlet temps before the air gets to the air/water intercooler core. This I hope will further decrease air inlet temps to the engine when it is pumping 23 psi or so.
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