will a stock 5.0 beat a stock 4.6?

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  1. For what it's worth my brother's bone stock '95 GT made 191RWHP, and I saw a '94-'95 Cobra (stock?) on a moble dyno at a Mustang event that made 222RWHP. Its also been my exprience after owning many Mustangs and my friends owning many different Mustangs that a stock '99+ GT 5spd. will walk any stock fox or SN95 5.0 and hang with the Cobra models.
  2. 99+ GT will win
  3. :nonono: I just don't see it. I have both and the 01 is BONE stock. The notch maybe pushing 15-20 extra horses over stock. That notch will put an *** whoopin on that 4.6 and I'm setting out to proove it to my self.

    Anyone know what a stock 99+ will run in the 1/8???
  4. it just feels like that b/c the fox is lighter.
  5. As was mentioned before, the 5.0 will give the 99' up GT a good run in the 1/8th then the 4.6 will walk all over it, so 1/8th mile times aren't relevant and neither are times on DR's or with anything other than bone stock 5.0's and 4.6's.
  6. Yip, that plus the 5.0 has more low end torque.
  7. Hmmm... maybe it is that low end torque. It is just a truck motor after all :shrug:

    Don't get me wrong- I love my 01 GT but it feels so slow unless I'm on the interstate.
  8. Have you got different gears in your notch? If so....that'll make a big difference on how it feels under hard acceleration compared to the '01. Not to mention 15 additional horsepower on your '93, is still 15 additional horsepower that your '01 hasn't got.
  9. No gears in the 93 I believe it came with 3.08's. It has a bypassed smog pump, exhaust and a K&N.

    The 01 has a K&N and delteted baffle.
  10. The 99' up GT's are running similar times in the 1/4 to the 96'-98' Cobra's. Granted the Cobra should edge out the GT near the end of the 1/4 mile but they will be rather close. Here's a thread over on the 5.0 forums about a full bolt on LX running a lightly modded Cobra:
    The Cobra should also edge the 99' up GT from a roll it wouldn't be by much.
  11. Holy crap- now that put's it in perspective... I tried to keep up with a 96-98 Cobra in my previous 5.0 and he "Walked the Dog" on me :rlaugh:
  12. Not stock vs stock but I rode in my buds 89 5spd 5.0 GT last night, with some bolt ons, LT headers and what not. Felt pretty strong off idle, but fell off fast in the upper RPMs. As it is now I figure a well driven basic (midpipe/CAI) PI GT would come out on top after the 1/8 mile or so.

    So weird going from his car to my car with the OHC setup, where his car was dying my car was just picking up steam. His car felt a lot lighter and I loved it though. He has a huge 3 inch cowl, i could barely see over it from the passenger seat, lol. He needs more mods for how pissed it looks, custom flamed paint job with old version chrome Cobra R wheels. He said he had a supercharge but had to take it off and sell it for some cash or something. I told him let me know when he wants to do heads, cam and Intake manifold I'll be there with the beers helping.
  13. I ran 8.67 with a gutted interior on factory 16" wheels. I'd say 8.8 - 8.9 when properly driven.

  14. You must be one hell of a driver, or have ultra good track conditions to pull the 13.5 in your sig with only exhaust adding a little power!!!

    Thats awesome.
  15. This thread is pointless. WHo honestly cares?? I mean does it really matter which is faster stock? How many BONE STOCK Mustangs actually are on stangnet? Very few.

    ENough mods can make either one faster than the other. I've beaten plenty of 5.0's in my 4.6L GT...but then when in my '88 5.0 i can say i've beaten many 4.6L Mustangs.

    Who cares??? End this thread
  16. kilgore takes offense!

    come to hawaii, and every other fox is bone stock. I should start a business and ship them to the mainland and make a killing.

    I've seen 2 or 3 stock 93 cobras :o.
  17. Owned both, drove both...

    99+ will beat them in every performance category.

  18. Well said...:nice: