Will drag suspension cut my times down???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 2001droptizzy, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Yeah i know it will but how much on an average?I will put good LCA's,struts and shocks prob lakewood?And some drag radials.With this setup im looking to get low low 13's...who thinks this can be done?

    I have full BBK exaust,full MSD,ignition,Ford pullies,Ford 373 gears,Ford alum DS,Hurst billit shifter,centerforce stage2,K&N,flows,Airgap intake,holley 750 non dp,and the above suspension?Spring will be later.
    I also have a 150 shot on her now but wont use it until i hit 13 N/A.
  2. A lot of it depends on what kind of 60' times you are getting now! If you lower your 60' a lot it will significantly help your ET's! You should have no problems getting into the 13's with what you have!

  3. I dont see why it cant be done. you have the suspension for low 13s. i think that motor wise you could use a bit more power though. a set of used aluminums or gt40p heads with a FMS B or E cam would work nice.

    what kind of times are you running now?
  4. I got to the mid 8's in the 1/8 mile (same as low 13 quarters) with home welded boxed stock lowers with 1980 rubber bushings, plain rusted uppers, and some real old Lakewood bars. The drag radials will help the most. Old v8 springs, and the rear swawbar went back on. 1.9 sixty foots. It can be done cheap!

  5. Cool! Now i have 96gt upper and lowers with energy suspension bushings,91 8.8 with quad shocks,and 88GT springs.As soon as the cali smog goes through on goes the drag struts/shocks/DR's/LCA's...I have never dragged this car before???No clue about what she can run.

    Im saving for AFR 185's and a demon carb.Me want very bad.