Will I regret??

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  1. I got my 4:10's today and will be installing friday. Will this bean improvement over my stocker 3:27's?

    I only have an CAI ,catback and short throw. It does a good job kicking a little sideways going to second now.
  2. why would you regret a mod?
  3. you will love them, 2nd will feel like 1st, 3rd will feel like 2nd, 4th like 3rd etc
  4. Is your car an auto or stick?
  5. you'll love em, just be sure to get your speedo corrected.
  6. Supposedly its the best bolt-on for a GT, so i'm sure you'll love them. I rode in a car with 3.73's and it pulled HARD. Can't wait to get my 4.10's:D
  7. defiantly one of the best mods for the GT, you will love them and will not regret them.
  8. With 4.10's and MGW shifter I chirp 3rd with 285/40's. :nice: Just remember redline comes quick!!
  9. I kinda regret it, but that's just because I don't like the way the auto's transmission shifts. The gear's effect is wonderful. :)
  10. You will like, not regret....
  11. You'll probably ask yourself, "Why didn't i get these a long time ago?"

    You'll love them.
  12. one of the best mods to get, should be the first mod to do on a GT:nice:
  13. Biggest regret will be not having done it sooner.
  14. I do, in a way, regret my 3:73s, not because they aren't good, but because I didn't get 4:10s.

    I would have gotten 4:10s, but I drive at least 180 miles every weekend. With 4:10s and the highway, you'll be tacking around 2400rpm at 60mph if I remember correctly. I currently tack 2200rpm with 3:73s. It has some pretty nice acceleration now over stock ;)
  15. Regret a gear install..................................:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    NO :D
  16. ... only if your Mustang is a highway cruiser. Do you drive 200 miles on weekends? Do you spend most of your highway driving above 80 mph? If not, you'll like them.
  17. the only possible regret to 4:10's would be if you like to cruise at high speed and don't like reving your car.

    could easily be fixed with a viper t-56 though. ha ha. however that would not be the cheap way.

    at is all about rpm and milage. if you don't mind cruising you car at 3k and the milage hit, you won't care one bit.

    I drive alot of freeway so i bought 3.73's. this is not the right choice if just et is you only concern though. then I would have went 4.10's or even 4.30's.
  18. like everyone has said you will adjust to the powerband/shiftpoints crusing in the city and on stop and go( faster shifting according to the gear). if you are crusing at 80mph most of the day on the highway. you can and might regret.
  19. Yep and on some drives I kinda wish I had 3.55's or even 3.27's. And for those 3-5 days a year I go to the track I wish I had 4.30's:nice:. but 4.10's seem the way to go if you are a weekend warrior and dont drive alot of highway.
  20. +1 all the way