Window dont work

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  1. I have a 03convetible but the driverside window dont wont to go down somtimes and sometimes it do is not off track or anything like that what could it be
  2. There is an automatic reset circuit breaker in the battery junction box (BJB) and inside the window motor itself. If overloaded, the CB will trip and shut it down.

    After it cools, the CB will automatically reset. So this offers a reason why it works sometimes and not others.

    Bottom line is something is causing the motor to over heat.
  4. Ok so what i need to do replace the window motor?
  5. about starting with an inspection? Consider what if the problem is a mis aligned channel and the glass is binding inside the channel. If nothing else is done, the replacement motor will have a shorter service life. Perhaps ending in the same fate.

    Or what if the problem is water leakage?

    Of course the problem could be bad bearing in the window motor itself.

    Bottom line is that no one out in Internet land can make a absolute diagnosis of your car. You will still need to put eyes and hands on it to fix it right.
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  7. Ok thanks alot for the info