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  1. Did a cheap project yesterday. I tinted the top 6" of the windshield to add a little more detail. I know not everyone likes windshield banners, but the tint really makes it stand out now. Either way, it was $10 for the tint and I have enough to do the wife's minivan when it warms up, as long as the windshield is not too curvy.

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  2. Check your local laws regarding window tint. Some states don't allow tint of any kind below the "AS1" line. Look closely at your windshield in the corner about 4" down and you'll see "AS1" an arrow and a line. It's tiny but it's there. My Dodge truck is tinted below that line and I haven't had any trouble even though Florida is one of the states with the "AS1" line rule.

    It sure does look good though don't it? :D
  3. Thanks man.. The last time I checked, Illinois was allowed 6" down on the windshield. The sides are not legal to tint at all, but mine are 35%. It is legal to tint anything behind the driver, like the back and 1/4's, but you must have side mirrors. It might get be getting a 2nd look from a state trooper seing it from the front, but haven't had any hassle on the sides. I'm 35, almost 36 :( , if I was a kid I guarantee I would probably get pulled over. Thats just the way it is :rolleyes:

    Here is a cool link on tint laws
  4. I had you pegged younger than that. I'm 37, I'll be 38 next July.

    You're right about being pulled over if you were a kid. When I was working part time at Auto Zone I'd hear horror stories from the local kids being picked on by the cops for stuff like tint, bumper heights, lights, etc.
  5. I'm still a kid at heart. The toy aisle is tuff, buy it for me, or the boys :shrug:
  6. LOL! Yup, they got all the cool stuff now don't they? Nothing like this was around when we were pushing Tonka trucks around in the dirt ;) :D
  7. my son just got that r/c boat from airhogs that flies in the air when it goes fast enough.I am so jealous. anyway, what prompted the mustang banner? I am cool with the tint, but I never understood stamping the name of the car in huge letters on the windshield. I dunno, mebbe it's just me.
  8. cuz it makes it look even more bad ass, and dumb people cant look down past the hood to see mustang on the bumpers, or just dont notice it cuz its normally the same color as rest of car. And believe it or not, alot of people dont know that our cars are mustangs at all... ( that is, people my age...16-24 )

    oh yea, and it looks bad ass
  9. I guess I'm just a throwback from the 80's, course that was when I grew up :D

    Shin, your right, I was in a parade and the freaking announcer didn't even know my car was a mustang, just a ford????? The banner is kind of a tipoff of what it is. The emblems on the side help a little too. Ford could have out the name a little more on the foxes, course the 05 isn't any better.

    I know not everyone likes the lettering, but its going to be on untill it starts to peel or look bad. Then I'll leave it off for a while and then who knows.

    Thanks again for everyone's replies. :flag:
  10. its wicked cool, man! hope that was 80's enough. I also would think it may look better to put those letter inserts on the bumber, like black lettering would make it stand out even more. My 2 cents for a car thats already beyond a master show car for keeping something pristine
  11. I always thought window banners were for the owner, incase they forget what kind of car they are driving. :shrug:
    That still looks nice though.