Windshield Washer nozzle

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  1. Is it possible for a windshield washer nozzle to get clogged somehow? The drivers side works, and passenger side puts out nothing. It looks like in order to get to the washer line the cowl cover needs to be removed. Anyone have any experience in this field? Thanks -Danny
  2. Did you ever fix this? My wife's '03 is doing the exact same thing. I searched here (how I found this thread), and this is the only thread I could find.

  3. Absolutely, a small amount of car wax will clog the small openings. Use a fine point like a needle and clear them away.
  4. Already tried that. I'm thinking either the hose has got a leak or has come off the nozzle. Anybody know how to get the cowl off?

  5. I ended up spraying some lime-away into the nozzle directly, and poked a needle through the nozzle itself...............its that mineral buildup crap you see over time on the shower head of your bathroom.

    If I remember correctly, you can see a couple of screws under the hood at the edge of the cowl. Unscrew those and pulloff the windshield wipers, and it should lift up.

    This was all on a 2000 Mustang Convertible, so i'd assume its similar stuff.
  6. Windshield Washer Bottle Cracked

    I have a 98 Cobra, 4.6L, and I went to go fill up the Windshield Washer Bottle and the fluid went right to the ground. Obviously, this must mean it is cracked. What would be the steps to replace this thing? It looks like I need to remove the fender, but I just wanted to get some advice before I take apart the thing. That bottle is definitely crammed back there though. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
  7. Make sure it IS cracked, because I am really doubting that it is. Unless it has gotten into an accident (eg. . car hit on drivers side fender real hard), I couldn't see it cracking. Now, it might be, but let me get to the obvious causes and you check those out. My first instincts would be to check the washer fluid line connected to the bottom of the washer reservoir. If that thing comes off, it will all drain out right away. Also it could be where the fluid pump is connected.

    just in case it is cracked, it's easy to replace. You DONT have to remove the fender. Just remove the drivers side fender splash shield. Then get under it. There are only about 3 - 4 bolts holding it down. After removing bolts, just pull it out, it will pull out the slot that goes through the inner fender.
  8. For removal of the wiper cowl where the washer nozzles are attached. Open the hood. Now pull the hood weatherstrip off it's groove. Under the cowl against the firewall at the top, there is a black plastic panel that stretches from side to side. Remove the screws securing it (about 4 of them) and remove panel. NOW remove the cowl. The cowl is tightly snapped into place with a few metal clips. You'll have to pull up on it a bit hard to get it off. Work each section carefully. Don't pull too hard because you don't want to damage it, or the washer fluid hose attached underneath. Install is the exact reverse. Just be careful inserting the cowl clips as I have broken one of mine pushing too hard on the wrong spot......