Winter mods are done! (lots of pics)

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  1. Finally pulled the car out of the garage last weekend after i finished all the repairs/mods i've done this winter. Here's what i did:

    New Bambev turbo cartridge
    Ported my E6
    added a Forge BOV
    4 New Khumo 711 235/45/17 on new 00 GT 5 spoke wheels
    Took the interior apart and steam cleaned everything
    Meguiars 3 step detailing, only i used the new Meguiars NXT wax instead of the 3rd step wax.

    The sticker is a sticker, and i haven't found locking lug nuts that fit inside of the wheel center caps yet.

    This picture sucks

    so does this one

    Wheelgap :( at least the tires don't rub

    And the interior

    The car is a lot more fun to drive now, and getting to be pretty fast. The Khumo's also grip very well.

    Any questions/comments?
  2. Why is the scoop off to the side?
  3. Lookin good! What paint code is that, I like it!

  4. looking good Cougar, nice upgrades.
  5. It's not original. It's called a Ford Dark Tourmaline.
  6. Its an original SVO hood thats why :) Don't confuse it with the aftermarket SVO hoods that is centered and usualy has a cowl also.

    By the way that car don't looks so well , you better let me have it so I can drive it around a make sure its ok for ya to be driving around in :D
  7. you didnt happen to break any bolts dis-assembling your turbo did you? And if you did.. where did you get new ones? I have about 4 broken housing bolts and i want to get a bamabeve cartridge but dont know where to get some new freakin bolts! Any ideas? Also how hard was putting that together?

  8. Some of them were REALLY stuck good, but i managed to get them all out without breaking them.
  9. Oh great, you know what this means...:rolleyes:
  10. I still like your car alot.
  11. Good God, man, get some centercaps! :nonono:

    J/K, looks awesome. :D

  12. :shrug:
  13. haha

    love the car ... nice :nice:
  14. Just go to lowe's or some other hardware store and pick up some stainless 8x1.25 bolts. The whole turbo uses that same size.
  15. Bump to kick stinger's thread's ass

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Adjusted the TPS and cleaned the IAC today.........ahhh so smooth.
  16. for sure a far superior thread.
  17. Very nice man! I love the interior shot! Got any engine pics?