Wiring, not too hard

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  1. Well I sat there for days afraid to start digging into all this
    entaglement of wires, i kept putting it off for other things.
    I probably read the Painless book 5 times and the haynes
    manual quite a few times as well. Just decided I was over
    engineering everything and jsut have to dig into it.

    I've decided to mount the fuse box under the hood, and im
    building a cover for it out of plexi glass and I'm going to put
    a running horse logo on it when im done.

    The wiring not all that difficult and it seems like it sure eliminates
    a lot of wires from underneath the hood and in the dash.

  2. Go for it
    That's one of the next items for my Boss II [underconstruction]

  3. Loox awesome IICrazy. Your my hero, so keep us up to date.
    Oh, and get rid of that Edelbrock aircleaner. :notnice:
  4. Thanx for the compliment, and i do agree with you that air cleaner needs to go it's too small and the foam element actually caught on fire when I put a faulty carb on.
  5. I may have to see this project of yours and film a little bit of it, maybe come up there for an interview for the vid I'm working on.

    I wonder who has the craziest II modifiers the Northwest or Northeast? I know here we got perce, dano, a351must2
  6. >I wonder who has the craziest II modifiers the
    >Northwest or Northeast?

    The South rulz!