With 3 thousand..

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  1. with all this money...what should i do next to my car...considering my mods...also considering that im also going to pay shops to help me put on the mods...
  2. I suggest getting a new cam and getting all your internals beefed up. Basically a total rebuild. Or get one of those powerpaks from super-six-motorsports.
  3. I would personally go with a P&P heads and intake package, add a cam, and a tune. And then if you want nitrous or maybe something else like gears, t-lok.
  4. Do a split port conversion and while you do that P&P your new intake manifold.
  5. I would either listen to this guy or waste 3k on crap :D
  6. :stupid:
  7. chrisyellowv6 how do you like your mac dual exhaust with a x-pipe? I plan on doing the same soon how is it?
  8. I guess you would rather put: a Honda front clip, a 5 foot wing out back and a fart can exhaust :shrug:
  9. Turbocharge that bish!

  10. Um I think you're taking that the wrong way. He's just agreeing in what he thinks is a funny way. And unfortunatly 3 grand isn't enough to bet a good turbo set-up unless you do it yourself but t hen again if he could do it himself he wouldn't be asking for suggestions on what to do.
  11. I'm all about forced induction, but the procharger kit is 2800, tune is 300, injectors 300, maf 300........so that would put you out of budget
  12. I'm the same way but once you bought the kit and injectors you would be to broke to finnish it :nonono:

    Then I remembered a guy that had a few things like the following an ran 15's I figured that would be a good place for him to start on moding his car :) . Just think if this guy does this and later on gets some more cash for a S/C or turbo the car would fly :nice:

    Port & polish the heads...polish the intake(s)... exhaust...