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  1. I finally got to race a deceant car the other day. So I get behind a late 70's pre 84 corvette, the other, day, and notice that it had some kind of exhaust hanging under it. We actually ended stopping at a red light the vette in front, and my cobra behind. Light changes, and I could hear his tires spin, so what the hell, needless to say, I could see smoke coming from his exhaust, and his car bouncing around as he shifted. But by third gear I just drove right by, after having to change lanes. We ran all the way into fifth gear, and he just fell further back as time went on. It still makes me smile everytime I think about it. Just felt like sharing a vette beating story. :banana: :spot:
  2. Belongs in "SVT Talk"....
  3. Good Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last time I checked the stats on a late 70's Vette they pulled a 15.8 @ 90mph from the factory :nice:
  4. vettes back then only put up around 185 hp, but what the hell, its a vette, kick em anytime u can.
  5. That's like picking on the fat kid in grade school :p
  6. OK "GUILTY"