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  1. Damn you 351....I spent an hr typing up this post (hunt and peck) and hit submit and the thread is closed :bang: lol :rlaugh:
    Well Im gonna post this anyway since I wrote it....feel free to lock this one or delete it or whatever

    I posted b/c Im sick of seeing half of you guys going around spouting out wrong information about V8's. Some of you have never owned or been given any real information about V8s...just what you see in here. Not all v8's get bad gas mileage....some do. You can build up a V8 for just as cheap and easily as a 4cyl...but its going have to be a junk yard turbo setup or maybe a huge shot of nitrous if its done right. Working on a V8 is just as easy as a 4cyl....its a little more intimidating (been there, done that) but its jsut as easy. You could argue though that it takes longer to work on....obviously it takes longer to change 2 hg's than 1. Insurance is not outragously expensive. Every modification is a do it yourself job. Bolting on parts probably takes more work than fabricating the thing yourself. When you buy bolt on parts they never ever least in my experience. If you've ever tried to put on mac exhaust parts, youd know its a black art. The morons who make the stuff can't seem to figure out the whole mold/jig thing. I still lurk on the 2.3 forums b/c I used to post her back in 1998. I was in the middle of a 2.3T swap and gave up on it due to time constraints and lack of information. The only person who had done the swap on here was turboflush I believe. I still plan on getting a 2.3T when I have a lot more free time and a house/garage of my own. As for my time slips Im proud of what I ran. It was only the 2nd time at the track and I hot lapped it over and over after driving 2hrs to get there. I didnt take any weight out, adjust tire pressures, etc. Leaving at idle. The water temp was 220 degrees. I dyno'd 208rwhp and 280ft-lbs of torque SAE corrected running 11.5 a/f ratio and valve float @4500 rpms. So there you go I laid it all out for go ahead flame away I really don't care. Yeah my car runs a 14.3, so what, Im happy with it. You guys make every effort to tell someone in the 5.0 forums that talks ish about a 4cyl who Joe Morgan is and what a 2.3T is capable of. Ill continue to post what a 5.0 or any V8 is capable of as long as some of you keep spouting off wrong crap.
  2. I don't know of any 2.3 guys who go looking for a fight in the 5.0 forum.

    So what are you now, the V8 thought police.

    Go home!
  3. Ive been in the 5.0 forums for 4 years, Im pretty sure I know what I've seen.

    Don't you know? home is where the heart is.
    Yup that's me the "V8 thought police" Good one. The italics makes it more convincing.
  4. And by the way: Don't come into our forum disrespecting(cursing) our newest moderator(or our other mod either).

    Go home scapegoat dog...only the little(no heads, no blower,etc.) V8 guys are trolls.
  5. It was a joke :rolleyes: And yes I saw 351 was made a mod a few weeks ago. Now I see why bhuff says stangnet sucks, I have a feeling it's newbs like you
  6. Good. Take your "prize"(hard-won title) back home and maybe you'll get some respect.:)
  7. It's a public forum
  8. No, its because of guys like you with your cookie cutter 'stangs. Your sig mods list is a carbon copy of every other moderately built 5.0 out there. Its called mediocrity. It's called another clone car. It's the reason your on this side raising hell.
  9. So let me guess your 2.3T swap thats been done for 20 years is original? Or let me guess you don't have a turbo motor...just a ranger header and a "custom" CAI :rolleyes:
  10. Don't start this crap AGAIN. Seriously.

    If I see another attempt at stirring up trouble I will have the perpetrator(s) booted for awhile.
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