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  1. USAF-Sergeant,

    You are a stronger man than me (on several levels, especially because of your military service - thank you)! I was originally going to wait for the next special edition, but the look of the GT coupe at the Detroit Auto Show locked it in for me.

    Information floating around seems to suggest that the top-dog Mustang would be faster than the '03-'04 Cobras. If the GT will be close to the current Mach 1, the next special edition will be close to the '03-'04 Cobras, then the Cobra (or whatever it will be called) should be positively wicked.

    Hang in there...I'll have to live vicariously through you when you get the Cobra!
  2. I know I couldn't afford the next Gen. SVT, so I plan to wait until the '05 GTs hit the showroom floor and test drive them. If I like it, I'll wait for the Verts to come out in Feb. and get either the Windveil/Black Top, Black/Black Top, or the Deep Red/Tan Top. If I don't care for it, I'll get an '03-'04 Cobra Vert. Either way, I win. :nice:
  3. Coletti was quoted several months ago stating that the 4.6 S/C was being shelved and would not see the engine compartment of the new Mustang. If I dig long enough, I could probably find the article. But I am tired and lazy lately, so someone else can go search on BON in the archives and find it.
  4. If there is an '06 SVT Mustang "Cobra" which I believe there will be, it will most likely be close to 450 HP and will most likely exceed $40K. Ford has already stated that this car will go after the BMW M3 which MSRP's for $47K. If it comes in under $40K I will be all over it, I just unfortunately don't think it will happen. I also look for the specialty models to cost a few thousand more than they do now. Just look at the '04 Mach, it is only a few thousand more than a loaded GT. As you will notice everyone is picking up Machs because of that. I guess only time will tell. :)

  5. I'm gonna get an 05 GT. I'm hoping the rumors of 280 RWHP are true. If so, I don't think I'll need much more. Maybe some light mods to take it to 300 or so. By 07/08 maybe I'll "need" a Cobra.
  6. The Mustang GT is going to be a great all-around performer. That will not be a bad way to spend time while the SVT is being developed.

    Oh, and 'SVT Mustang' is fine with me. Call it whatever you want, just build it! :rlaugh:
  7. We are talking about designing the next top Mustang in a new thread I started. It's the "How would you like this job?" thread. Would be really intrested in your ideas and how they compare to my own, along with everybody else's.
  8. I've also heard that ford is going to make the SVT version of the Mustang stand apart from the GT more than Current SVTs have been. That is going to mean $$$. I think that SVT may still try to keep the first release towards the affordable side. That would be the smart thing to do. Their market is us, and if they price it too high, they are going to lose potential buyers who are looking to spend low $30,000 range. If they go after the corvette, and slap a $40,000+ price tag on it, most of us will settle for a GT, and those who can afford the SVT will most likely buy something else anyway. Mustang is what it is because of its affordability to average joe's like myself. Right now, for the money, there is no other car like it. That being said, if the SVT version is priced high, maybe I will look at a new or used '04 Cobra.
  9. The problem with that line of thinking is this. If that was so the original Shelby mustangs would not have sold. Yet they did. Even though they were more expensive. There may be some poeple that would not even look at a $40k Cobra. But you cannot say that people will mostly go for something else. That is simply untrue. There were a great many people that paid over $40k for the 03 when it came out. I saw several people buy it for $7-8k more than msrp. There are many people that could afford that price point. And might only consider the Cobra. The closest Chevy dealer for example. Wanted $50k and up for ANY corvette on the lot. The otehr problem is that the Cobra is not an average joe car. It's always been significantly more expensive than the gt. That's why it is a limited production car.