worth upgrading a base Tweecer to R/T????

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  1. i'm shopping for a tweecer, preferably a R/T model

    i read you can upgrade a base model to a R/T. how much does this cost to do? what changes are made?

    is it worth buying a base then upgrading it?
  2. With the R/T you get datalogging capabilities which is just an unvalued option. Can monitor just about every sensor.
  3. IMO it is not worth it buying the regular TwEECer. The whole point of self tuning is to be able to see your changes and "tweak" them until they are just right. If you can't see the results of what you are doing then you can't really get better at it.

    Unless you own a dyno and you can keep doing pulls after tweaks.......

    If I had to chose between getting a pro-tuned chip and the base model TwEECer, I'd just get the pro tuned chip.

  4. I'm suprised they even sell the non R/T at all.
  5. bump to the top.

    is it just the software thats different?

    will a tweecer dealer let me upgrade to a r/t model?
  6. I think all the software is the same. I emailed tweecer once and I think they said it was 195 to upgrade. I could be wrong though
  7. Gettin a Base Tweecer

    Its like Marryin a girl and only kissin her :nono:

    To get the whole self tuning EXPERIENCE :banana:

    You want the RT :nice:

  8. I'm both curious and lazy. how much do the R/T's run?
  9. www.tweecer.com
    Upgrade from the base unit is $205.
    More expensive in the long run to buy Base model and then upgrade.

  10. sorry for the late reply guys.

    Stangnet isnt sending me any notifications on replys.

    i wont be buying a brand new tweecer. i can find a used base model for around 250. then upgrade later on to the r/t model.

    i most def want to have the r/t model tho. i dont have a dyno at home LOL yet.

    if i can find a r/t model for under or around $400 i'll be happy. a person local wanted $540.