Worth waiting for long tubes?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Finn McCool, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Is it worth buying a catted prochamber for stock manifolds? I plan on going long tubes with a catted prochamber but not for a long while still. I'm gonna give the car at least 10-20k miles to get any bugs worked out so I don't have to worry about the warrenty. Will you see much of a change with the catted prochamber over the stock h-pipe, even without headers?

    Would shorties be a good choice until I do decide to go with long tubes? I know they're about worthless on most cars.
  2. Shorties are not worth the price from what I have read and what many have found out the hard way. I once wanted shorties but mostly for the smog legal aspect of them.

    Im now on the "Just screw shorties, screw the CA BAR and smog" and getting full length route. Thats where the power is and I suggest you hold out on the exhaust mods until you are ready to do it all at one time.

    Put your money elsewhere in the meantime though. :nice:

  3. Maybe I'll just stick with the Mac axle-back for a while and save my cash.

    I should probably just get some sort of tuner and the axle-back so I can tune for the compelte system when I do get it.
  4. long tubes are the best. When I had my e36 m3 I out shorty headers track pipe and B&B tri flow the car sounded great but and should have spent the extra 600.00 on the long tubes. I don't like shorties