Would This Be Too "ricer-ish"?

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  1. I like the sleeper kind of look. Everyone expects a mustang to be a little fast but not blown ;)
  2. I guess I'll stick to my "Denver Broncos" frame :(
  3. LOL well my open Big Red BOV kind of eliminates the sleeper aspect
  4. Hahaha that's fricken awesome. I do like the plate frame, ricerish to me is having the famous I heart jdm. You're simply just stating a fact ;)
  5. Be modest. One shouldn't flaunt ones awesomeness. Reveal the source of high horsepower through use of it. :cool:

    If you got a ProCharger and your in traffic, the guy six cars behind you will likely hear it screaming at idle. Anybody who doesn't recognize the sound is doesn't deserve to know about it....

    or tach it up let that bad mother launch. Then everyone around you had better recognize and respect. :burnout:
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  6. I agree with ^^. Don't boast.
  7. I shalt not take ones wisdom lightheartedly
  8. Damn I've been gone too long. I miss this place,
  9. Do what you want. You put a lot of time and money in to your build. I hade no problem putting this plate on my old car. Plenty of 4 digit hp cars saw it when trying to catch up. It's your car, build, have confidence in it and back it up :nice:

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  10. Here ya go.


    Or if you are feeling fabulous:D

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  11. @dillonshand on InstaGram has the yes it's fast no you cant drive it on his stang. Nice car.