Would you trade a '67 Mustang vert for...

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  1. Would you trade a '67 Mustang vert (c-code, but not numbers matching) for a:

    a) '70 Torino Cobra 429 Thunder Jet (N-code)
    b) '03-04 Mach 1
    c) Nothing...keep the 'vert
  2. Definately A if it is in good shape, preferably a 4 speed car. I already have a 03 Mach 1.
  3. That's a tough one and would depend on how much I use the conv. and how well optioned the Torino is. The ThunderJet is the base model 429 @360HP, then there's the [email protected] and [email protected], I wouldn't want to have to fill any of them with gas on a regular basis. Both would get attention at a cruise in or show.
    Personally I'd probably stick with the conv. for fun sake. There are 3 429's on fleabay now for 7K-14K, what's your '67 worth?
    b) to me are too common and I don't see people stopping to look at one in the supermarket parking lot, the other two will attract gearheads where ever you park. I'm drawn to anything <'72 when I'm in parking lots.
  4. I would probably keep the 67 vert. The 70 Torino Cobra would be sweet though. The newer Mach1 Stangs are nice. I wouldn't mind having one for my daily driver.

    Whats in nicer condition, your 67 or the 70? Do you have sentimental attatchment to you Mustang?
  5. Actually one of the one's on ebay was the one I was thinking of:

    Cosmetically, mine's better. Mechanically, the Torino is better. Although my motor is only 5 years old, I have a few pesky problems (one of which is posted over in the tech section).

    What's my car worth...who knows. NADA low retail for a base c-code like mine is $20K. If I could find someone to pay $20K I'd sell in a heartbeat. Seems like driver condition cars are selling in the $12-15K range. How much does not having the original c-code motor hurt the price?

    NADA books the Torino at $15K. Using that as a guide, my vert is worth more, I guess.

    I have my car for 8 years, and before that it was my brother-in-law's, so yeah there is some sentimentality to it.
  6. d) 65 coupe :D

    not mine, cause that will never be for sale.. but a 65 coupe with a 408 would be close and cool.
  7. Probably not, I love convertibles. The 429 makes it tempting, but I prefer just cruising around...as to the Mach, I don't care for modern cars. My '67 will probably still outlive the modern Machs.
  8. that really depends on whether or not the mustang is a daily driver. if so then my choice would be C. however if the vert is a back up driver or a weekend cruiser, then i would go with A, as i am not a convertible type of person, and the 03 stangs dont do much for me.
  9. If you can only have one car then have a convertible.

    IMO it is better to have a vert cruiser as opposed to a hardtop muscle car.
  10. If you have the means I'd go with 'C'. However, having a newer stang, like a Mach 1, is a lot of reliable fun too :D
  11. I thought the Torino Cobras were starting to get $$

    at auctions, ebay, etc. Yep, I see them at $30-40k on eBay. Trade for the Torino and you could sell it and buy two decent convertibles. :rlaugh: