Roush WOW, is it really going to get like this?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by saleenster, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. This guy is smoking crack. It is a good thing he is selling the car to go to school because he can't spell at all.
  2. I think someone needs to back away from the bong!
  3. Not to be an ass either but.....

    Is it me or is there an issue with where the passenger front fender meets the door and why does the pinstripe from the left front fender to the door not match up. the pin has never been that far off from the factory and for being a detail service he sure left a bunch of wax on the winshield trim above the banner. The front bumper number is in the correct spot which is a breath of fresh air.

    If the car has not been wrecked and the mileage is true, this car is worth 20-23k tops.
  4. The CarFax is clean.............and the mileage looks legit.
  5. Good Eye Marcus, I didn't notice the pinstripping, untill you mentioned it,
    did you notice the tach dosen't say Saleen on it, I'm sure there are probobly other things we don't notice too! Oh Well, this kid lives in dream world, if he thinks he'll get that kind of money for it!!

    See Ya Bill
  6. Bill,

    I agree. Sometimes when they had the kid with the shaky hand working at Saleen that day they would pass on that decal. I remember hearing " Get those decals straight on the TACH!"

    good times...
  7. he must of mixed the bling, bling bling, frankenstein, and the deer sh&t.

    this joke would only be gotten by those who've watched "grandma's boy"...otherwise, disreguard lol
  8. Price still seems like it's already up there.