Wow... Saw a 2005 Mustang Burn to the ground today.....

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GM Dude, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. Between Midland, MI, and Bay City, MI I saw a 2005 on the side of the expressway on fire along with 2 fire trucks, and an ambulance and a bunch of cops. I didn't have my camera unfortunately. Looks like it started in the engine compartment, and worked its way through. No mistaking, it was indeed a 2005. I wonder if it'll be in the news?
  2. this coming froma poster named "GM Dude"... hrm.... :p
  3. Hey dude, I'll admit I love GM's, but I also fell in love with the 2005 stang. I like some Ford's too. Just because my name is GM Dude doesn't mean I'm a troll or anything.
  4. The fire happened because the car gave in from the strain of containing the fact that it does, indeed, Rock! It had so much colon stomping uber hotness that it was just bound to burst into flames sooner or later. That or a short in the wiring somewhere.

    That was lame, I know. It's late... get bent.

    Not a production version. Nothing to worry about.

    I'm sure It'll make the news. I wouldn't be surprised if some media sources blew it way out of proportion.
  5. :rlaugh: I would tend to agree with the former explanation :p
    And I didn't think anyone else used the expression 'uber' :nice:
  6. haha I use uber all the time, of course no one understands me
  7. Hmmmmm, Hope it's nothing serious. My company manufactures some fuel system components for the bad boy.................??????????????
  8. Great instead of the fuel tank catching fire like current stangs the engine does now. :p
  9. Who knows, maybe it was faulty wiring?
    Alright to let the cat out of the back, I didn't see a 2005 on fire, just trying to help liven up the place. It's all a joke, so nothing to see anymore
  10. Geee... no kidding hahaha

    And stuff like that does not make the news here. :lock:
  11. Foghat :rolleyes:
  12. glad it isn't true, it's so sad to see a performance car die an early death.
  13. I think they were just testing out the new hot air induction system.
  14. This is why manufacturers drive pre-production models thousands of miles prior to launch. The first F150 of the last generation I ever saw was parked on the shoulder of Rt 210 in Maryland totally consumed in flames. Better to have this stuff happen now than later.
  15. nice joke...

    Dont do it again.. :nonono:
  16. evil GM people :nonono:

  17. Hey I saw the entire F-body lineup burst into flames after 02.
  18. I think you're wrong. I think you *did* see it on fire (as opposed to burning down) due to the aformentioned level of ass-kickery inherent in that vehicle. The people that were present, and realized what was *really* happening, just stood back to be bathed in the creamy glory that is the '05.

    Bystanders could be heard to comment, "Dag Yo! That car's on fire, Dawg!"

    "Thanks. Thanks a lot. I'll inform Jay Mays and Hau Thai-Tang of your positive feedback. Oops, watch out for those flames, fella."

    But the event so traumatized you that you have banished it from you head. It is now a repressed memory that will surface in some therapy session years down the road. Upon discovering this, your therapist will be heard to exclaim,


  19. If a false post .... really not cool.

    If a true post ... not buying the "this is what you build pre-production vehicles for" stuff. Nobody builds pre-production units to fail, not in this manner. Build pre-production units to not fail, to find any weak links (which should be nearly 0). An incident this close to start of production would be scary, regardless of the vintage of the vehicle. Little time for route cause and corrective actions. And on "thermal incidents" (no vehicle catches fire anymore, I don't care how tall the flames you thought you saw were ... it was a "thermal incident"), the standard "non-production intent parts" will not close out the reports.

    again, hope its a false report.
  20. very ghey...only a "GM dude"
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