Wrecked 2005 Mustang GT

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  1. Saw this on the Mustang Source.



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  2. Still has the plastic on the seats from shipping. Man that sucks :(
  3. Man,that stink's was there any info that stated what exactly happened.Could it possibly have happened when the vehicle was being unloaded from the carrier truck.Just a thought,too bad though I hope that wasnt somebodies pre-ordered car.

  4. i saw these pics at another website and the story said the accelerator got stuck on it. don't know if its human error or mechanical. The car had not been purchased and was heading to a dealer from what I read.
  5. Almost looks as if it were one that was used for crash test purposes, what's with the yellow and orange marks on it?
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  7. Yellow is whatever it hit.

    Orange looks like rust. Perhaps it's been sitting in the rain a while after this
  8. I tthink that is blood it is even on the plastic mirrors. I was proably some dumb dealership porter messing around in it.
  9. :eek: That is hard to look at.
  10. I'd say it happened while unloading, especially since car carriers are a lof times a bright green or yellow.
  11. electric gas pedal

    hey, electric gas pedal (fly by wire) it can't get 'stuck' !!!!

    driver was going too fast because he pushed the electric gas pedal down and the car went faster than he should have been going in the yard.

    case closed
  12. On the contrary, being electric means that if the butterfly controller lost power it may stay in an open position. Doubtful, I'm sure they built in fallbacks for that and other systems like it, but being electronically controlled does not mean it is more reliable, in fact, the more complex a system is, the more unreliable it is likely to be. The simple things are often the best, etc.

    EDIT: I know the throttle position and throttle position have to be within a tolerance of each other or the engine shuts down, but it is still possible to get false readings from both.

    Having said that, I'm sure it was the nut behind the wheel, not the bit under the bonnet that went wrong. I hope this incedent doesn't spike a widespread concern about the throttle-by-wire.
  13. my guess is that this car was a side crash impact test car, i see no other reason why the car would have an "OK" unless it passed the test :doh:
  14. I'd say a crash test monkey vehicle.
  15. I guess that somebody had to be first! I'm sure that there will be many wrecked photos in the coming weeks & months....better get used to it.