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  1. Which is better, and why?

  2. Actually My lil brother is currently going to UTI in Houston. I did alot of research on both of them before he decieded where to go and it basically came down to location. They are pretty much the same. Wyo has a great facility in Wy (I dont knwo about the other in PA, i think)and is pretty well recognized in the industry and the same goes for UTI they have 4 or 5 locations and I actually took a tour of the school in Houston which was very impressive! I memory serves me correctly I think that wyo tech was about 27K for the regular tech school portion and takes about 1.5 yrs. UTI is about 24K and takes 14mths. They both offer extend or additional programs but I think UTI has better dealer programs/deals with BMW, FORD and a few others.

    If your thinking about going I would contact each and ask for an info packet with costs and summaries. Also I would do some checking on the surrounding areas for cost of living (rent, type of neighborhood, etc...), available/possible part time jobs, and if at all possible go there and look around for yourself, they each offer open house days and personal tours. I can honestly say that I wasnt all to up the idea of him going to the tech school instead of continuing with traditional college but after visiting the site I would say that if working on cars is what you want to do then thats where I'd go. IMO
  3. Thanks for the info :nice:
  4. UTI does offer better programs w/ the companies than Wyotech...dont get me wrong though Wyotech is a great school. I'll be attending the Nascar Technical Institute, UTI's North Carolina school in August.
  5. has anyone here actually been to any of the schools?and steelhorse what does your lil brother think of the school?
  6. My kid's going to go to UTI in Houston next year. After the interview with their recruiter here at the house, I was ready to enrole. :D
  7. Approx. how much does UTI cost? How much is it gonna cost ya :D
  8. I know like 6 people that went to wyotech in wyo. Im going to the pa campus and havent found anyone who has been there. So far everyone who has gona hated it and said it was a waste of money. Im still going though.
  9. Around 26K total. This included the Ford courses. That's tuition only, the students have to work while in school and support themselves, no extra money from the parents. :nice:
  10. Isnt that a little steep :shrug:
  11. Yea, it does seem that way, but you are buying the best.
  12. When I went to Dunwoody Technical Institute in 1980, the tuition was $125 a month and that was more expensive than most!!!


    After buying all your tools and paying for your education, you are about 40k in hock!

    They better have good placement at those rates.

  13. They do.
  14. [QUOTE='69Mach1Chick]I know like 6 people that went to wyotech in wyo. Im going to the pa campus and havent found anyone who has been there. So far everyone who has gona hated it and said it was a waste of money. Im still going though.[/QUOTE]

    Im going to be going to the PA campus also, when did you/do you start? what corses are you taking?
  15. I sent you a pm, but i start in Jan. '05 and am taking collision/refin. and applied service management so far.

  16. Sorry to get back to you so late but I find myself with less and less time these days...

    My lil bro still likes it and is doing very well. He is about 3/4 finished and will be done in November (I think). Currently he is in the "hot rod" phase where they basically build Engines and slap them into Model T kit cars to test over and over again. He is planning to go into the BMW step program (specialty school by BMW) after Nov. All I can tell you is he is in school from 7-1 each day and works from 1:30-7 at a dealership after that and then comes home and takes care of his 5mth old so his girlfriend can work til midnight and he still is plugging along and liking it :nice:

    P.s. the campus it very nice.....as D.Hearne said I almost enrolled myself
  17. D.Hearne... Make sure you go to the orientation and look at all the different facilities....your kid might just end up with a roomate :D
  18. How is the Automotive Traing center in Exeter PA?


    Might be a lower cost alternative for our PA friends....
  19. My best buddy is goin to UTI in Arizona, he starts classes on Monday I believe. I don't know a whole lot, so I won't open my mouth and give you a bunch of wrong info, I just wanted to throw in that he researched both and chose UTI.
  20. I'll be starting on the 30th, this Monday. I'm really excited. :banana: