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  1. Your dealer sells for $3,500 over sticker? :cheers:
  2. Ford decides which models they will offer x-plan prices on, and which they don't. In other words, there are some models for which there aren't any x-plan deals, and the dealership has no say in it. So, there is no guarantee at this time, that any of the '05 Mustangs will be included.

    It is interesting, I can't find a rule about dealers being able to selectively pick models in the rules on fordpartner.com. It just says that it is up to the dealership to sell under the x-plan or not. I mean, there doesn't seem to be rule either way.
  3. This is what my company's X-Plan says

    The X-Plan represents a "no haggle" four percent plus $150 (or $250 on Lincoln) above dealer net invoice pricing or four percent plus $150 (or $250 on Lincoln) above Ford Motor Company employee (A Plan) pricing, which is below dealer invoice pricing. Ford assists by supplementing the dealer’s commission on X-Plan sales.
  4. I was not implying that all vehicles could be had on X. A agree, Ford selects which cars are on A-Z plans and they can exclude models.

    One other note on the dealers & X. It is my understanding that a dealer is only obligated to sell you a car on X that is sitting on their lot. Even if they are a participating X dealer they have NO obligation to get you a vehicle from another dealer and sell it on X.
  5. The company I work for allows us to have the X-plan. All of our commercial trucks and delivery vehicles, and vehicles bought for district managers are all Fords, so us employees are able to get the X-plan.

    My buddy and co-worker just bought a brand new Sonic Blue 04 GT 5 speed, fully optioned, with leather and all the billet interior options, for just under 20K.